Monday, June 23, 2014

DIY Personalized Fabric Bunting

diy personalized fabric bunting

Sew this personalized fabric bunting with letters made using a lightbox, no fancy machines.

personalized fabric bunting

diy fabric bunting detail

diy fabric bunting pinked edges

How to sew personalized fabric bunting:

cut triangles from fabric

Step 1: Cut fabric triangles ON THE FOLD.  Use a paper template.

trace letters onto fabric using light box

Step 2: To make letters iron interfacing to wrong side of fabric.  Print out letters.  Using a lightbox place printout right side down on lightbox then fabric right side down on top.  Trace outline of fabric onto interfacing.  (For more fabric letter making details see my post here.)

Cut out letters.

pin letters onto triangle front

Step 3: Pin letters to one side of triangle.

zig zag stitch letter onto triangle

Step 4: Sew letters in place with tight zig zag stitch.

iron interfacing between triangle

Step 5: To increase stability of fabric iron on double sided fusible interfacing in between each triangle.

top stitch triangle closed

Step 6: Sew each triangle shut on both long sides about 1/2" in from raw edge.

trim edges with pinking shears

Step 7: Trim raw edge with pinking shears.

bias strips

Step 8: Cut bias strip for top (or use a wide ribbon).

sew triangles into bias strip

Step 9: Place fold edge of triangles into bias stripe at center, fold over and top stitch shut.

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