Thursday, September 4, 2014

"S" is for Scrap Wood Projects: 4x4s

Scrap wood projects: 4x4s

It's scrap wood week here on the blog. 
Previously I shared a round up of kids gift ideas all made from scrap wood and today I have two easy decor projects made using 4x4 wood scraps.

Simple, chunky alphabet blocks make a great gift.  These were painted with gold letters instead of the typical girly pink.

Or how about an indoor pumpkin patch.  This is not a new idea but they are so fun and easy to make and I have a pumpkin themed baby shower to prepare for in October!

I stacked the blocks and wrapped with glittered ribbon.  Easy gift.

Earlier this summer I made these cute apple paperweights using 4x4 wood scraps.

And more pumpkins this time using 2x6 and 2x4 scraps for a different look.
The corners have been mitered and then I glued and nailed the 2x4s onto the 2x6 at center.

Paint, sand, add a stem and some thin branches for a vine effect.

How to make pumpkins using 4x4 wood scraps:

The steps to make the pumpkins are exactly the same as the scrap wood apple paperweights I made here.

1. Cut the 4x4 wood scraps into varying lengths for different height pumpkins.
2. Miter the four edges at 45 on both ends.
3. Paint orange, let dry, sand to distress.
4. Drill 3/4" hole at center top.
5. Glue 3/4" wood dowel into hole for stem.  Paint brown.

How to make alphabet blocks using 4x4 wood scraps:

Step 1: Cut 4x4 wood scraps into squares.  (3 1/2" lengths).  Spray paint.

Step 2: Print out letters.  I used Baskerville font at 285 point.
Step 3: Find center of block and center of letter.
Step 4: Line up letter on block, using a ballpoint pen trace around letter with heavy pressure.

Step 5: Paint inside the indent.  I used beige under the gold.
Step 6: The beige helps boost the gold paint (and prevents you from having to paint multiple coats of gold.)
Step 7: Add a shadow to the right and below each letter using a dark brown sharpie.


  1. I adore those pumpkins. Lots of inspiring ideas here!

  2. How did you miter the pumpkins?
    I could safely do the top with my miter saw but not the bottom (too short)