Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY Wood Tree Advent Countdown Calendar

How to build a diy wood tree shaped advent calendar.

diy wood tree advent calendar

Build a tree shaped advent calendar using wood scraps and little bins to fill with fun gifts.

advent calendar round bins

pottery barn tree advent calendar

Their version retails for $179 and yes those baskets are darn cute BUT you can diy this advent calendar for much, much less.

I used all wood scrap pieces and purchased the circular bins for $1 each (@Michaels) so the total cost was $25 to build this diy version.

diy advent tree countdown calendar

This makes a nice statement piece with plenty of space to insert small gifts.

diy tree countdown calendar

balsa wood round bins

How to build a wood tree advent calendar:

Collect 3/4" thick wood scraps.

how to build a wood tree

Step 1: Using all 3/4" stock (pine boards and plywood) start with the longest board at the bottom.  Make a 25 degree miter cut on one end then measure 35" and make another miter cut, not parallel.

Step 2: Continue with the next board making a 25 degree miter cut then line up that board on top of the first board and cut to length.

Step 3: Attach all boards using pocket holes.

wood tree center support

Step 4: Attach a scrap piece of plywood down the middle and make hanger with wire. 

stain the wood triangle shape

Step 5: Stain.  I used Minwax early american.

predill balsa wood bins

Step 6: Predrill hole into back of circle bin (found @Michaels).

attach bins to tree

Step 7: Attach bins to wood tree using lath screws and a bit of wood glue.

1/2" lath screws

lath screws to hold bin

attaching bins to advent tree

Use a yard stick to line up the bins.

Step 8: Continue adding bins to make all the rows.

apply numbers to bins

Step 9: Glue on black glittered cardboard numbers.

rogue engineer tree advent calendar

Little did we know we were both working on the same exact project but I love how they used the little burlap bags.  Jamison is an engineer so he has very detailed plans you definitely want to check out before you start building.

diy wood advent tree


  1. Super cute! You've been busy over there!! I love the projects you're doing, I'm going to have to make something pretty darn soon...

  2. Love it!! I think I may need Rob to get started on this one asap before basketball season starts! :)