Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIY Geometric Table Runner

Sew: diy geometric table runner

Using red and white striped fabric cut at a 45 degree angle I made this geometric table runner.

The stripes line up to make giant red crosses which coordinates with the swiss cross stockings.

I bound the edge with natural linen.
How to make a geometric table runner:

Step 1: Decide the width of your runner based on the stripes running vertically.  From there make 45 degree cuts using a clear quilting ruler and rotary cutter.

Step 2: Remove the side triangles but save one to use as a pattern for the next step.

Step 3:  Using one of the removed triangles as a pattern cut new side triangles with the stripes on the horizontal.

Step 4: Sew together two of the small seams making triangular pieces.

Step 5: Continue sewing only as pictured above.  (If you want to sew the other pieces together traditionally you'll have to allow for more seam when cutting because of the stripes.)  Place all pieces on top of muslin backing.

Step 6:  Carefully overlap triangular pieces making stripes line up, pin in place and zig zag stitch from top.  Trim edges.  Cut linen bias binding stripes at 1 1/2" wide and sew around edge.  Press open then fold to back twice and pin.  Stitch in ditch from front to create binding.


  1. I "almost" think I could do this... there were a few fancy sewing terms that I'd have to google... but straight lines are about my max! So clever! As always. :)

  2. Can you tell us how to make the star "stands" that are part of your centerpiece?

  3. Ooooo..... I love how you designed this. So smart to use striped fabric.