Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"S" is for Stocking Holder

Build: diy stocking holder

Hello readers and especially those who just came over from Karah's place The Space Between (she has a great idea for greeting cards).  Today I'm sharing these easy last minute stocking holders using cedar wood scraps made to hold the weight of a filled stocking.

My stocking holders are part of a group blog hop featuring 15 last minute holiday ideas.  Start at Decor Adventures where Jessica will have all of the ideas shared over the week.

If you have scrap wood and and a few hooks than get to work building these stocking holders.

Want to know the secret as to how they can hold the weight of a filled stocking?

The back of these wood stocking holders is open and hollow - the perfect spot for a brick!  The brick provides the weight so when you Santa hangs a filled stocking it won't come crashing down.  And I added a little shelf ledge for a candle or whatever decor you might use.

I attached single hooks on the front and painted chalkboard tags to designate the holders.

The dining room fireplace is ready.  The tutorial for the swiss cross stockings is here.

The steps to build this stocking holder are below.
And if you're looking for more last minute ideas head on over to Katrina at Chic Little House.

How to build a weighted stocking holder:

You need one piece of 1x6 cedar at 24" long to make one stocking holder.

Step 1: Cut the 1x6 cedar board:
- 3 @ 5 1/4"l (sides and front)
- 2 @ 3 3/4"l (bottom and shelf)

Step 2: Glue and finish nail 2 side pieces to bottom.

Step 3: Attach front piece.

Step 4: Insert shelf about 3/4" down from flush, finish nail in place.  Sand rough edges.
Add hook to front.


  1. Such a great way to hang stockings. I hate when they are too heavy and this solves the problem. And you know that those stockings are right down my alley! So pretty.

  2. This is such a great idea! I love the opening in the back for the brick!

  3. I am so impressed! What a good idea - and made from scraps! I've had many a santa or snowman fall to its death from a too full stocking. Now I know what I need to do!

  4. these are so clever!!! love the look and that you used scraps!

  5. I wanted to make my own stocking holders this year but got lazy. Now I'm all like "Mannnn, should have done that." Next year. Next year. I'm totally crushing hard on those stockings!!!

  6. So smart. The counterbalance is perfection... our stockings hang from the mantel for a hot second before they're all stuffed! I'd love to make this 10x bigger also to store stuff in the mudroom!!

  7. The bricks are GENIUS! Your mantel is gorgeous and so are the stockings! :)