Friday, January 23, 2015

DIY Heart Wall Art

diy fabric collage heart wall art

Another Valentine's Day themed project today and one that's easy for kids to do too!  Today I'm sharing this fabric collage wall art.

diy fabric collage heart wall art

I cut out a heart shape from 3/4" plywood but you could easily purchase one of those heart shaped frames that are precut at Michaels (and I think only $1) and do this same project.

diy fabric collage wall art

Cut plywood edges are my favorite because it shows the layers of the pressed wood sandwich.  And use all your cute fabric scraps for this one, my squares are 1" but any size will work.

fabric collage wall art

Here it is all tucked in beside my oldest daughter's bed.

How to make fabric collage heart wall art:

1" fabric pieces

Step 1: Cut 1" squares from fabric scraps.  Use a clear quilting ruler and rotary cutter.

plywood with heart shape

Step 2: Cut plywood to size (mine is 8" x 8").  Print out heart shape (mine is 4"), cut out heart then center and trace shape onto plywood.
** Easily substitute a precut heart frame from Michaels here.

plywood heart shape cut out

Step 3: Cut out the heart shape.  In order to get your saw inside the shape drill a hole first.

plywood heart cut out

Then use a jigsaw or skill saw to cut out the heart.  I used my Rockwell BladeRuuner because I happen to love that machine.

plywood heart cut out grid

Step 4: Draw a 1" grid pattern onto the plywood using pencil.

mod podge fabric collage

Step 5: Adhere fabric squares to plywood using matte mod lodge.

trim fabric edges

Step 6: Once mod lodge is dry trim excess fabric around cut out using tiny nail scissors.

fabric collage heart background color

I posted these background color options on my Instagram feed and D won out by far with the most votes.

diy fabric collage heart shape white

Step 7: Cut 1/4" plywood swear 8" x 8" and paint center white.  Glue and finish nail to back of heart piece.  Add white trim pieces to finish out frame.

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