Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY Fresh Cut Wood Banners

Wood lovers this one's for you.  Today I'm sharing a quirky little fabric banner: I (heart) fresh cut wood.  Because I know there are definitely some of you readers out there who love fresh cut wood just as much as me.  It smells like heaven! 

I recently had the opportunity to try the new custom fabric offered at Zazzle.  The options are endless when it comes to customizing, you truly can make just about any design but I choose a lettered print.

Go to and click on Create, then select the Fabric option from Craft Supplies.  Here you can create from scratch or shop from their existing designs (of which there are a bazillion great patterns). 

When you're ready to create from scratch the first option will be fabric.  Zazzle offers seven options with lots of detailed information about each fabric, I used the combed cotton.

I designed my fabric by adding text, editing the color and repeat in order to fit 10 banners on one yard of fabric.  Start playing around with the customizing to get your fabric exactly how you want it and you can even preview the whole yard before you hit purchase.

Above is my fabric when it arrived.  Just to note the lettering wasn't printed exactly square onto the fabric which I understand because it's cotton and it has a little give but if this bothers you be sure to select a sturdy fabric versus something lightweight like the combed cotton.

I cut out each banner, zig zag stitched a red heart in place then adding a backing, binding and slot for the wood dowel and hanger.

How to make a fabric banner:

See the process above regarding custom fabric at

Step 1: Cut out banners, be sure to leave 1/4" seam allowance on sides and bottom and 1" at top.  Cut out 2" heart and zig zag stitch in place.

Step 2: Sew drop cloth to right side of banner at top only.  Drop cloth must be same size as banner or larger.

Step 3: Open drop cloth and place wrong sides together pressing seam at top.  Pin banner to drop cloth to keep in place.  *Be sure to trim red threads at back before pinning, they will show through the white banner (don't ask me how I know - my seam ripper can tell you).

Step 4: Cut 1 1/2" wide binding.

Step 5: Sew binding to edge of banner with 1/4" seam allowance.  Then use rotary cutter and ruler to trim off excess drop cloth and make seam neat.

See how nice the edge is once it's cut!  Now press binding open flat.

Step 6: Flip to the back side and fold in binding 1/2" raw edge at top.

Step 7: Then fold in generous 1/4" raw edge.  And again fold in binding to conceal raw edge and pin.  At this point your binding should rest slightly over the seam.  (Sorry no picture of the pinned binding.)

Step 8: Flip banner over to front and top stitch in ditch removing pins as you go to keep binding in place.

Step 9:  To make slot for dowel fold over 3/4" to back and top stitch at edge.

Step 10: Cut 1/4" dowels to length about 1" longer than banner width.

Step 11: Drill small hole in both ends for jute.

Step 12: Slide dowel through slot and push jute through dowel.

Step 13: Tie a knot at underside of jute then repeat for other end of dowel.
Hang and enjoy (or send to your wood loving friends).

Disclaimer:  I was provided product from review from Zazzle.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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