Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DIY Loft Bed with Lego Storage & Work Space

diy loft bed with lego storage and work space

A giant build to share with you today thank you to my fellow buildy blogger Jen at House of Wood, she put together the plans for this awesome loft bed with lego storage and work space!

loft bed with lego storage and work space

My son was begging for a loft bed and I wanted to make the most use of the space below by designing the bed to fit 2 Ikea Trofast storage towers underneath for legos.  Plus a lego workspace where he can leave out his incomplete projects without cluttering up our Family Room.

loft bed with storage and work table

The work space is very generous (the table here measures 32"w x 48"l),  Jen's plans make use of the whole width under the bed.  Our table is slightly narrower because I used a scrap piece of plywood and also it does leave a bit of space on the ladder side for feet to poke through.

I put felt on the bottom of the table legs so it easily slides out into the room for more maneuverability.

integrated ladder for loft bed

Speaking of the ladder this was all Jen's idea to incorporate the ladder into the side rails - isn't she a genius?!!  Perfection I tell you.  No bulky ladder sticking out into the room or blocking the work space but rather this super slick and smart built in version that's solid as a rock.

kids loft bed with desk space under

Two things I must tell you:

1. We have low 7' ceilings (86" to be exact) and there's not much clearance up there (my tall 7 year old son cannot sit up in the bed but he actually likes it?) so measure your ceiling height before you consider this bed.  (I will be cutting down the legs at the base in a further post and modifying the storage shelves.)  

2. Wobble.  Yes this bed does wobble a bit, not enough for me to be worried at all but once I cut down the height I will be attaching a 2x4 horizontally to the studs in the wall behind the loft portion then securing the bed directly to the 2x4 for stability.  You could also sister up another 2x4 at the legs or consider a cross brace at the back wall side to stabilize the wobble.

You should know that I designed this bed and I choose the dimensions as you see it knowing my ceiling height so I accept responsibility for having to make the modifications - Jen's plans are still awesome!

loft bed with work space underneath

There's plenty of space around the work table for three stools.

diy loft bed with work space

At the headboard I attached this Ikea wall storage bin system.  The containers offer a place for my son to put his pencils, water, etc. as sort of loft bed nightstand.  I'm contemplating making one longer bin to hold books and tissues as well - stay tuned!  And the clip on lamp is also Ikea.

loft bed with storage bins

boys bedroom lego storage

kids bedroom loft bed

kids work table with storage towers

loft bed ladder built in

Jen has the plans and all the build details at House of Wood here.  A huge thank you to her for taking the time to make these plans.

house of wood loft bed plans

diy loft bed with plans


  1. its a great loft beds for adults. you can dinner under the bed. then.. you know what i mean ! :)

  2. What a great idea for a boy's room! The whole color palette is perfect.
    Love the alternating stripe effect with the lime and white too.

  3. Ok, I'll be the first to say it- it a great idea for a girl's room, too.

  4. This is such a great storage solution. And it looks amazing, too!

  5. What would you estimate the cost of the bed (minus the ikea items)?

  6. I'm excited to build this - my son needs a loft bed because he has so little floor space. Wondering if 4x4s as the corner posts would make it wobble less?

  7. I just completed a build for my 10 year old son and wrote up costs and modifications here:

    Thanks a bunch for the writeup and the plans, everything worked great!


  8. I love loft beds. There's just so much potential for the room with all that space underneath the bed. Don't talk about storage, ideas like this work table itself makes me want to get one for my room!

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