Monday, March 2, 2015

DIY Turf Projects

diy turf projects

Since a majority of us still have snow on the ground and it doesn't look like Spring will be here anytime soon I thought it would be a good time to share some diy turf projects.  If we can't even see the real grass then we might as well bring out the fake stuff!  Follow are 4 fun projects using astroturf.

Astroturf is relatively inexpensive - one large 6' x 8' piece is under $20 and you can get a lot of projects from that one piece.  I've also seen smaller 3' x 5' rug sizes and even the little 4" square samples could be used to make coasters.

diy turf mantel cover

 This Spring mantel from 4 years ago is still one of my favorites.  Simply cut the turf to size and hot glue the rough edge under for a finished look.

diy turf wreath

Bring some bright green to your door with this turf wreath.  Hot glue astroturf directly to a foam wreath form and add a few faux flowers. 

diy turf letter

Make a giant turf letter using cardboard for a fun personalized statement.  Or purchase a premade letter a wrap it in astroturf, you could even spell out a name for football party decor.  Again cut the turf and hot glue onto the cardboard letter - all the details are here.

diy turf table runner

The table runner is an easy project that gives a lot of Spring punch.  Cut the turf to size and hot glue the rough edges under.

diy Easter basket turf liner

One last quick use for turf - line your Easter baskets!  Say no to stringy plastic Easter grass that inevitably ends up all over your house and use a little scrap piece of turf instead.  Simply cut to fit the interior of your basket.

Now let's think Spring and hope it arrives soon!

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  1. I love these ideas, Jaime. I think I need an astroturf wreath. Perfect for spring.