Friday, March 20, 2015

"W" is for Willy Wonka Party

diy Wonka birthday party

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I was busy last week preparing for my daughter's 9th birthday party Wonka style.  Today I'm sharing all the details, sources and how to on everything I made for this diy wonka birthday party.

Let's start with the invites: wonka bars.  If you search the internet there are multiple wonka graphics out there, find one you like and then use picmonkey to make the candy bar wrappers.

Supplies: chocolate bars, gold mylar, double stick tape, scissors, golden tickets, wrappers, cello bags, tags and ribbon.

I made the golden tickets as a word document then printed onto gold cardstock.  Place a piece of gold mylar under the candy bar then place the golden ticket on top.  Wrap up the candy bar as neat as possible.

Then wrap the wrapper around the outside and use double stick tape to close at back.

Place the bars into cello bags and tie with ribbon.

Now that the invites are ready we're moving on to party decorations!

I made this Wonka banner using 8" cardboard cake bases, they were already white so it's the perfect background to paint on and it's super thick and sturdy.
Step 1: Paint letters onto cardboard circles.  (I used the wonka font from here.)
Step 2: Using a roll of plastic tablecloth cut off a 2" section.
Step 3: Hot glue the plastic onto back of cardboard gathering it as you glue.

The banner is hung on monofilament with clear packing tape on the back - very easy.  I hung the wonka banner over the candy table.

The candy table is pretty self explanatory but I tried to incorporate as much wonka candy as possible with a few extras: golden eggs, lollipops and sixlets mostly for all the rainbow colors.  And the tablecloth is wrapping paper.

We had 8 kids total at this party and I purposely kept it small so we could do a few crafts plus I was alone as the only adult.

If you remember the gumball machine I shared here well I made enough for all the kids to make their own machine as a party craft.

All the supplies were prepped ahead of time.

Then the kids put together their machines.  We did it on the rug because the containers are glass and I didn't want anyone dropping the glass.  Also I used those 1/4 sheet baking pans for everything - I highly suggest investing in some!

Of course we had a pizza lunch and I set the table with giant candy in a wheelbarrow, polka dot plates and a wrapping paper runner.

The more colors the more fun!

The giant candies are actually cheap sponges wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon,

We did another gumball project and made these necklaces.  I used the tutorial at Giggles Galore here for this project.

To prepare the gumballs drill a hole through the center, then use a knitting needle threaded with ribbon. 

Again I used the baking pans and set each place with a needle and ribbon.  The pan also keeps the gumballs from rolling off the table! 

Each kid made a different version and I wish I had taken more pictures to share with you.

Lastly we did a scavenger hunt outside and I made fabric headbands as the reward for completing the hunt.

I used the tutorial at Alice and Lois for the fabric headbands and I will share the steps in a separate post later.

Each party goer went home with a candy button zipper pouch and inside was a toothbrush and toothpaste!  I placed the pouches inside polka dot gift bags and we also had space for the gumball machines, necklaces and tons of loose candy from the candy table.

Overall it was a great party at home with a few close friends.

Source list:

gold mylar: Michaels
8" cardboard circles: Strauss (paper supply store)
plastic tablecloth: Party City
lollipop holder: diy tutorial here
wrapping paper on candy table: dollar store
gumballs: Party City
paper plates: dollar store
wheelbarrow centerpiece: diy tutorial here
wrapping paper runner: Michaels
sponges: dollar store
polka dot favor bags: Michaels

Please leave me a comment if you have any questions about other items.

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  1. The ideas for this party are genius. I love how you used the cardboard cake rounds to make the banner. The DIY gumball favor station is amazing. Everything is fantastic!