Friday, April 17, 2015

"B" is for Build Page

I'm definitely not one to brag but I am super proud of all that I've built for this little blog and I wanted to draw some attention my BUILD PAGE.  My buildy blogger friend Jen Woodhouse (House of Wood) and I were recently chatting about our past work and all the pieces we've built up until now and she thought "surely you must have well over 100".

So I counted.

140 different pieces on the build page.  I owe a huge nod to Ana White who designed a majority of the plans.  Simply click on the thumbnail image and the post should pop up.  All of the build posts include links to the plans or plans within the post.

Some of my favorites:

There are builds of all kinds: tables, beds, small gifts, consoles, planters, storage, and on and on.
Simply click the build page tab and you can scroll through all the thumbnail images.

Thank you to all my readers who consistently show support and interest, you keep me building!

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  1. I just love all your build projects Jamie! You have inspired me so much over the last few years!

  2. Love it! Now I just need my baby to sleep longer so I can build during nap time!