Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DIY Simple Personalized Pillows

diy personalized lumbar pillow
How to make simple personalized pillows.  A sewing project that makes a great gift and pretty decor too!

gold faux leather name pillow

In case you're wondering I made these pillows for my friend Jen at The House of Wood as a thank you gift.  She has two little ones so I made one pillow for her daughter and one for her son.

Unknowingly her daughter's pillow fits right in on her cuter than cute diy toddler bed, look below!

I do love to sew (and build and paint) so whenever I can make something for others it's so much more meaningful than going out and buying at a retail store.

diy blanket pillow with pom pom trim

I used a white blanket as the base for these pillows but you could use any fabric.  Evie's pillow has gold pleather letters and bright pink pom pom trim.

leather letters on pillow

For Liam I choose a more masculine brown leather with blue and white gingham piping.

blanket pillow with gingham bias piping

These pillow covers are made to fit the Ikea Fjadrar insert.  The finished size is 26"w x 16"h.

How to make a personalized pillow:

how to make personalized pillows

Step 1: Print out the letters.  I used Franklin Gothic Medium font at 750 point.  Cut out letters.

cutting out letters from gold fabric

Step 2: Place letters on wrong side of fabric/leather, be sure letter is backwards.  You could trace with a white pencil then cut out.  DO NOT PIN leather.  The pins will leave a hole.

taping leather letters to blanket pillow

Step 3: Cut out 2 blanket pieces 27" x 17".  Apple double stick tape to back of letters.

taping gold letters to blanket pillow

Position letters in center of front blanket piece and press tape in place.

top stitch gold letters in position

Step 4: Straight stitch letters in place 1/8" from edge.

sew pom pom trim to pillow front

Step 5: Sew pom pom trim in place 1/2" from raw edge of front blanket piece.

bias cut gingham strips

Piping: Cut 1 1/2" bias strips.  Sew strips together to make one long piece about 90" long.

making gingham piping

Use 3/8" cotton cording and a zipper foot to wrap binding around cord then stitch shut.
Sew binding to pillow front same as Step 5 above.

sewing piping to pillow

Step 6: Place back blanket piece on top of front and sew together leaving about 16" open at center bottom.

zipper opening in pillow

Above is the opening left for the zipper.  I also trimmed the corners.

sew zipper into pillow opening

Step 7: Pin and sew the zipper in place.

Turn right side out and insert pillow form.

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  1. Where do you get gold pleather? Is it sold in the fabric section somewhere? I love everything that you do. I get so excited when I get an email knowing that you have created something else!

  2. hi jamie! these are so precious! i really like the details of the checker trim and the pompoms (crazy about pompoms!!), beautiful gifts!! xo

  3. The gold pleather is from Joann's.

  4. Love these! Thanks for sharing details, like the font you used. Sometimes that is where I get stuck: looking through a pile of fonts for what I want to use.

  5. I don't know how I missed these before, I thought I had looked through your sewing projects A-Z (get it??) I just saw this on House of Wood (my other fav builder gal), and here they are!!! I started reading your blog a LONG time ago for the sewing projects, but now I have started some wood-working and building, and now you have the most awesome building tutorials too! THANKS so much, for all of that!!! I really do love following along, I should send you some photos of projects you have inspired me to make!!