Friday, April 24, 2015

DIY Three Legged Stool

diy 3 legged stool

My little three legged desk stool is complete and you're in luck because my buildy friend Ana White has the plans for us!  I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to have Ana in my life because when you design a three legged stool with multiple angles she kindly agrees to make the plans!  Hurray!

diy 3 legged stool and workbench inspired desk

Typically when we're doing a furniture piece Ana will make the plans first and then I build it. However, in this case it was the reverse.  Here's my inspiration:

3 legged stool inspiration

I made a pencil sketch and then built my version of this stool.  You all liked it so much over on Instagram that I knew we needed official plans.  And since I'm only a beginner on Sketchup I called for reinforcements: Ana White to the rescue with all these angles!

diy 3 legged stool for work desk

To be honest it's not a hard piece to construct, once you have the cuts made it should take less than an hour to put together.  I see multiples in my future.

three legged stool wtih triangle support

Do note this stool is a bit higher than the average 18" seat, I planned it that way because my shoulder and arm were getting sore (from using the mouse) so to relieve the pressure I needed to sit up higher.

I'm 5'7" so this fits perfect but I will tell you it's not super comfy like a cushioned chair with a back.  And that's a good thing because it forces me to get off the computer and go build something!

3 legged stool wtih triangle support

How to build a three legged stool:

triangle cross support for stool

Above is the view of the center leg support from the underside.  I used my Kreg jig keeping the longest point of the angle flush to the jig.

3 legged stool natural wood

I stained the seat and painted the legs.  Finish as you like.
Thank you Ana for making these plans free and available to everyone!

If you're curious about the desk in the above pictures I have plans for that too.  Click here to get the link for the plans:

diy workbench inspired desk with stool


  1. I saw this on Ana Whites blog and had to come tell you how much I LOVE it!! Pinned it and put it on my to-build list :)

  2. This is a great little stool. Love the wood and white. I'm pinning this for later!