Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From Work Apron to Zippered Pouch

Make a zippered pouch from a work apron.

It's no secret I like to build but equally I like to sew too.  Recently I made a quick trip to The Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta for the DIY Workshop kick off and amongst all the goodies they gave us was this work apron:

Super functional and lightweight, it's great for woodworking, gardening, etc but I got to thinking the canvas would make an awesome zippered pouch.  These work aprons are available at The Home Depot for an extremely economical .77 cents each so I bought a few more and made some pouches:

The apron already has 2 pockets so the exterior of the pouch conveniently now has 4 pockets (2 in front and 2 in back).

I lined the pouches with orange and white polka dot cotton fabric.

And used my favorite metal zippers with a donut pull from Jennie at Zip It.  (She has the biggest and best selection of zippers and ships super fast too!)

I saved the apron strings to use on the zipper pulls.

How to make a zippered pouch from a work apron:

  • work apron
  • medium weight fusible interfacing (7"w x 17"l)
  • cotton lining (2 @ 9"w x 8"h)
  • zipper (minimum 9"l)
  • basic sewing supplies (machine, iron, scissors, thread, etc)

Step 1: Cut apron strings off leaving 1/2" each on one side.  Save the apron strings for finishing the zipper ends and to use on the zipper pull later.

Step 2: Iron on fusible interfacing to wrong side of apron.

Step 3: Make apron into a tube by overlapping short ends.  Fold raw edge of cut apron string (binding) under and zig zag stitch tube closed.

Step 3 continued: Press apron tube shape flat so center of apron lines up with back center seam.

Step 4: Prepare the zipper.  Measure the top apron open space and subtract 1".  My aprons measured 8 1/2" so my complete zipper length is 7 1/2".  Using the apron string binding sew a short piece perpendicular to zipper on each end as pictured above.

Step 5: Sew lining to zipper.  Place right side of lining up against wrong side of zipper.

Step 5 continued: Press lining smooth, view above is of right side of lining and wrong side of zipper.

Step 6: Slide zipper/lining up into pouch keeping wrong sides together.  Pin front portion of zipper to pouch top.

Step 6 complete: Sew front side of zipper in place.

Step 7: Flip pouch over and repeat Step 6 for back side of zipper pinning it to back side of pouch.  Be careful here because there is a very thick seam at center back you might have to manually move the presser foot over and beyond that thick portion (or break 3 needles in the process!).

Once Step 7 is complete pull pouch over so wrong sides are visible.

Step 8: Wrong sides together (be sure zipper is at least half way open) sew lining side seams leaving bottom open.  Sew canvas exterior (apron base) closed and then miter the corners.

Step 8: The mitered corner will create depth in the pouch.  Pinch the base seam open and up against the pouch side then sew across.  Snip the pointy portion off before turning right side out.

Step 9: With everything right side out press under 1/2" raw edge of lining and top stitch lining shut.  Shove lining down into pouch.

Lastly add a 7" piece of apron string onto zipper pull.  Be sure to zig zag the ends to prevent fraying.

Disclaimer: Although I do work with The Home Depot this post is not sponsored by them.  All creative thoughts, applications and opinions are my own.

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