Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mailbox Debate: Post or Wall

Secretly I really love a big mailbox on a post at the end of the driveway.  Perhaps because that's how I grew up, running to the end of the driveway to see what that big black box would deliver.  However, in our current neighborhood all the mailboxes are right at the house (which I must say makes it so easy especially in bad weather thank you US Postal!) but let me show you the before:

Yes there's the beautiful copper mailbox on a post right by the back door.  As convenient as it may be it was also an eye sore and a problem for a few reasons.

1. The garbage men need access to that gate right behind the mailbox and it was sort of blocking the pathway.
2. The door on the mailbox was ripped and hard to close.
3. Size - it's super big.  We're a family of five and never ever did we come close to filling that mailbox.  Granted it is good space for small packages but those can be left just inside the storm door.

So I removed the mailbox cutting down the post and hung a wall mounted version.  It's streamlined now and I can guarantee I won't have any of the garbage men telling me they cut themselves on the ripped metal of the old mailbox.

I placed my diy planter in the corner with a fern and I'm loving the new look already.  I'm still a little bit sad about not having a mailbox on a post but this back door refresh is working just swell. 

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  1. My kids love going to the curb to get the mail, for me it would be better to have it right there at the house like you have it now. It looks great! And hey that planter is awesome!

  2. This looks wonderful! I love the red...thanks for sharing the color on Instagram. Your planter is fantastic and the overall look is so charming! Great job!! On a side note....I can't believe your garbage men actually come To the house and behind the gate....I want your neighborhood!!

  3. I echo the above comment - the garbage men go into your backyard to get your garbage?! Please tell us more!! :)

  4. Hahahahaha I am with everyone else about the garbage! We have to drag ours out to the end of the super long driveway. We actually have to the use the gator to it out. So I'm jealous.

    And I love love love your new postbox. A lot of our neighbors at our last home had mounted mailboxes on the house but the post office wouldn't let us. They said they really aren't allowing it anymore because it's more work (5 more steps) for the postal workers and it causes more hazards. So strange.

  5. I think it looks very nice! It's definitely an improvement.