Friday, November 6, 2015

DIY Schoolhouse Chair

Who's ready to go old school with this diy schoolhouse chair with desk?  Super functional and a very easy build.  Ana White designed this chair with easy plans for you to follow as part of our Handbuilt Holiday series.

Folks we are 7 weeks away from Christmas - time to get cracking!   Ana's plans for this chair should only take you about 2 hours to build so no excuses. 

It's truly every kids dream to have a little school chair with desk and the sizing on this design is perfection.  It will fit kids from 3 - 9 years old best.

Just for proportion and sizing purposes above is my super giant 8 year old son, he's extremely tall for an eight year old so don't let that fool you.  But you can see he fits just fine (I can even squeeze in there although it's a little snug for adults!).

The storage compartment below is 2 3/4" deep so plenty of space for regular size school books and notebooks.

The desk portion is supported by one 6" x 6" mending plate and the 2x2 extended arm portion below:

Be sure to glue the desk portion in place then add a few finish nails into the 2x2 support arm as well as attach the mending plate.

How to build a schoolhouse chair with desk:

For this plan I used pocket hole construction:

Keep all the pocket holes of the cross support pieces to the interior.  A good idea to make the upwards pocket holes in the 1x2s for the seat BEFORE assembly unless you have a portable jig.

For the back support pieces keep the pocket holes to the back.  You will want to fill these with plugs but they won't be too noticeable on the back.

The framed chalkboard is also a DIY project from Ana's plans, details here:

Six projects down, six to go until the deadline!  What will you build for holiday gifts this year?

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  1. I love this series. I'm making my 3-year-old the doll pram (last year's plans, I think), and the stuffed animal zoo. Thank you so much for all of the plans. All of your stuff is gorgeous.