Friday, December 18, 2015

DIY Fishing Game

diy fishing game with storage

Today is the last gift plan for this year's Handbuilt Holiday series with Ana White and we have a super simple and easy to make diy fishing game for you.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing all the gift ideas over the past 12 weeks, it's been a joy to build each and every one and today's plan is no exception.

handbuilt holiday gift ideas

We still have 6 good building days left and I guarantee this fishing game will only take a few hours to complete.  Make a long box and cut out a few fish then you're good to go!

diy wood fishing game

The box stores all the pieces because we know toys work best when everything is contained and stored together.  (How many times have your kids received a toy with a bazillion pieces and no storage container?!  Makes you want to pull your hair out.)  I also made a lid for the box using 1/4" plywood and applied adhesive backed velcro to keep the lid in place.

diy wood fishing game

The fish are all made from 1/2" plywood scrap bits cut out on a scroll saw and sanded smooth.

diy wood fishing game magnet detail

You'll want a strong magnet to pick up the fish.  This $6 magnet conveniently has a hook to attach the fishing line.  My kids discovered the magnet is strong enough to pick up 3 fish at once!

diy wood fishing game storage box with handles

Be sure to add handles or make a cut out handle if you prefer so the storage box is easy for kids to carry.

diy wood fishing game with magnet

Ana has the plans here along with a link to the free printable fish template.

diy wood fish cutouts

Cut out the fish, sand smooth and predrill a hole for the screw.

diy wood fish painted

I opted to spray paint the fish.

diy wood fish magnetic hardware

In order to attract the magnet from the fishing pole you need a metal screw with a large head.  I opted to use pan head screws size #12 at 3/8" long.

diy wood fishing game pieces

Ana designed this fishing game so everything fits perfectly in the storage box!  Every moms dream!

diy wood fishing game

Thank you for joining us for the Handbuilt Holiday series this year.  Ana and I look forward to this series all year long and are continually thinking of new and fun gift builds to add to the list.  If you have any special requests for next year please let us know!

Now get building because handmade gifts are the best.

handbuilt holiday gift ideas with free plans

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  1. Where did you get the Magnets? Super cute! I'm going to make this right now!