Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DIY Bunny Place Cards

Tutorial to make bunny place card holders

A simple bunny place card project for your Easter table today.  Gather up your scrap wood and make these super cute place card holders just in time for the holiday.

And surprise!  The backs of the bunnies have fun fabric, you could even use cardstock or decoupage any bright colored paper:

diy bunny place cards with fabric

I attached mini clothespins to the painted side and then inserted the names printed on cardstock:

diy bunny head place cards

Below are the step by step instructions to make these bunny place cards.  Be sure to read through all steps before beginning and always follow all safety precautions.

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spray paint bunny heads for place cards

Step 1: Cut out bunny heads from 1/2" mdf or plywood scraps.  Search google for bunny head clip art, print out desired shape, cut out and trace onto scrap wood.  Cut out using a scroll saw or jig saw and sand smooth.

Apply primer especially if using mdf as it wants to soak up all the paint.  Spray paint front and sides with bright pastel colored gloss spray paint.

decoupage fabric onto wood

Step 2: Cut a piece of scrap fabric slightly larger than bunny head.

decoupage fabric onto wood

Step 3: Apply decoupage to back of bunny then lay fabric onto bunny and smooth in place.  Let dry.

decoupage fabric onto wood

Step 4: Trim fabric as close to edge of bunny as possible.  If your fabric starts to fray apply a small dab of decoupage to the cut edge.

how to make bunny place cards

Step 5: Attach 1x2 base to bunny head using wood glue and 1 1/4" finish nails.

mini clothespin to hold place card

Step 6: Use super glue to attach one side of mini clothespin to center top of bunny head.

fabric covered bunny heads

Now print out the names onto cardstock, cut out and slip into clothespin.  Self standing, so colorful and the cutest nod to Easter.

diy bunny head place cards


Another easy decorating idea for your Easter table is this plastic egg centerpiece:

Tutorial to make long plastic egg centerpiece

Or how about egg place cards?

Tutorial to make egg place card holders

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