Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DIY Critter Plant Stakes

diy critter plant stakes

Making critters today and these are the kind of critters you'll want to keep around - critter plant stakes.

Pretty Handy Girl contributor

All the details including step by step instructions to make critter plant stakes are over at Pretty Handy Girl.  Grab all those spare wood parts and pieces and let's see what critters you make.

diy critter plant stakes


How about a place to put those critters?  I've got a few outdoor planter building project ideas you could try, like this star planter:

diy star planter

Or this $10 fence picket planter, nice a tall planter where you need some height:

tall cedar fence picket planter

My favorite of all time is the hose hiding planter.  We store the garden hose in the planter out of sight but still accessible:
diy hose hiding outdoor planter

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