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DIY Vanity for Wall Mount Sink

diy vanity for wall mounted sink

Today I'm sharing my vanity built to fit around this wall mount sink and I have the free plans available down below.

This is why I DIY friends.  

No where on earth could you purchase this vanity, it's custom and I'm super proud to say I built for my home.  

We recently renovated the master bathroom and installed this wall mounted sink that I found headed to the junk pile.  Immediately I knew I would be building some sort of vanity to hide the plumbing, provide storage and counter space.  This piece fits all those criteria and gives the sink a home. 

diy vanity for wall mounted sink

Behind those closed doors is the ugliest trap pipe you've ever seen, it's essential to this sink and provides additional support to the wall cleat.  Short of asking my plumber to reinvent the trap we opted to keep the trap (it's actually a new trap I replaced from the original) also we have water lines in the floor because there was no option to get them in the wall.  In light of all this I had to build a piece to cover this hot mess but still have access to the plumbing lines.

wall mounted cast iron sink

You don't really want all those pipes visible in your beautiful new bathroom.

But you do want a vanity that has well thoughtout storage!  Including the perfect spot for extra toilet paper:

diy vanity for wall mounted sink with storage

Also you can see I had to change the far right legs to 1x2 versus 2x2.  I really wanted that shelf to be wide enough for toilet paper so given where the sink was installed I had to switch to a skinner leg.  It doesn't bother me and I think it's worth it for the storage.  The plans below have the original 2x2 leg but you can adjust to fit your situation.

diy vanity for wall mounted sink with storage

diy vanity for wall mounted sink with storage

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I stained everything Minwax stain in Early American then sealed with oil based clear satin polyurethane 5 coats, sanding in between each coat.  My husband is a serious sink splasher and I wanted to be certain the wood is well protected.

diy vanity for wall mounted sink with storage

This vanity does its job and looks amazing, what more could I ask for.  

diy vanity for wall mounted sink with storage

A little more about the doors hiding the ugly pipes, I choose this hardware cupboard catch and these partial wrap hinges in satin nickel:

diy vanity for wall mounted sink with storage

I don't have a picture but on the interior of the doors I had to carve out a bit to make space for the pipe parts which didn't leave enough thickness for the cupboard catch hardware screws to grab in to.  I added the extra little flat moulding at center front to make the hardware work.  If you are building something similar consider the depth carefully, I could've saved myself from this problem by adding an 1" to overall depth. 

Below is a link to the plans and some in process photos.  Be sure to read through the plans entirely before beginning and always follow all safety precautions when operating power tools.

diy vanity for wall mounted sink free plans

diy vanity for wall mounted sink free plans

Above is a test fit, you can see I notched out the top boards to fit around the wall battens.

diy vanity for wall mounted sink free plans

I definitely suggest finishing the piece before installation.  Step 13 is the final install and you may consider attaching the vanity to the wall somewhere but my piece is snug, it doesn't budge.

installing door hardware

I borrowed this card trick from my friend Brad at Fix This Build That, it helps to get equal spacing around the doors, especially at the top and bottom. Attach the hinges to the doors, re-set the cards and mark the hinges on the legs and you're golden.

For more details on the sink itself see my post here:

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diy vanity for wall mount sink free plans


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