Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wall Mounted Sink New Life

wall mounted sink master bathroom makeover

Hello friends, I am over the moon to share my master bathroom renovation with everyone and it all started with this wall mounted sink.

I actually found this sink (plus one more) outside the local art center last summer, if you follow me on Instagram you may recall I posted my find:

wall mounted sink master bathroom makeover

The sinks were headed to the dump and I knew I just had to take them home for a new life.

What once was a completely crusty, paint covered, abandoned old sink is now part of our master bathroom:

wall mounted sink master bathroom makeover

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When I envisioned this sink in our home I truly never, ever imagined it would look so 'like it was meant to be'.  I built the vanity surround and I will share the plans for that in another post soon but today is all about the fixtures.

wall mounted sink master bathroom makeover

When I brought the sinks home we stored them outside in the back.  They were already covered in grime plus the plumbing trap underneath did not smell pleasant.  After six months and finally getting my act together to make the bathroom renovation a reality I pulled one sink out from under the snow and began cleaning:

wall mounted sink roadside trash

I used a combination of paint thinner and comet plus a razor paint scraper to remove all of the scum.

wall mounted sink roadside trash

Once it was cleaned I ordered a new strainer and plumbing trap which the plumber installed before I hauled it upstairs in position.

This sink is meant for commercial uses and naturally sits low, about 27" from the floor to sink opening, you can see in the photo below on the left:

wall mounted sink installation

Also for installation we used this wall hanger (there is blocking behind the sheetrock to support the wall hanger) and I had the plumber install the sink at 30"h, a bit more comfortable.  I have seen this sink installed only using the wall hanger with a different pipe set up below so it's completely free of pipes below (search google).  We had no choice but to run the water lines through the floor so I opted to use the intended clunky pipe knowing I would be building the vanity surround to cover everything.

wall mounted sink faucet

The faucet is American Standard Heritage wall mount.  There are several options you could use with this 8" opening but I choose this version.

wall mounted sink vanity surround

The sink is one of two American Standard fixtures we have in this bathroom.  The toilet, which sits directly across from the sink, is also American Standard:

wall mounted sink and toilet

When I got going on this project of giving new life to the wall mounted sink I contacted the kind folks at American Standard regarding a toilet and they were so generous to send me this beauty

heritage vormax toilet

This is the Heritage VorMax Right Height Elongated toilet and it's a gem.  Classic, curvy in all the right places, quiet with a smooth strong flush, I could go on and on.  Truly I'm extremely impressed with this traditional style toilet.

heritage vormax toilet

I'll be sharing more bits and pieces of the master bathroom renovation in the coming weeks, including that painted buffalo check wall design and the vanity build plans.

Thank you for joining me, I hope you enjoyed seeing how the sink went from roadside trash to a complete treasure!

master bathroom renovation

Disclaimer: I worked with American Standard for this post.  I was provided product and / or compensation however all thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own.



Our Pinteresting Family said...

What an amazing find!! I love it all. Absolutely gorgeous!

Katy said...

I LOVE IT!!! It reminds me of that sink I scavenged from Tybee, those are great for any sort of farmhouse/rustic/beach shack decor.
GOOD job on all that scum removal, I had to break out the acid. But you know when it's worth it!

Cristina Garay said...

OMG your bathroom looks SO good! I don't know what I love the most about it... that awesome sink, the cute fixtures, or that wall treatment?! I love it all!

nancy in novato said...

Fabulous restoration project!!!! Congratulations on a (labor intensive) job well done. :)

sgreeniaus said...

Good for you for having the vision and tenacity! It paid off.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is fabulous. I can't believe how wonderful the sink looks after you cleaned it up - it looks like new! The metal on the front of the sink is probably my favorite part.

Did you already share the vanity? I love it so much! And I'm coveting that door hardware - I actually foudn something similar for our kitchen. Wondering where you found it?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Ignore my question - I just saw you said you'd share the vanity info in another post. (#badskimming)

Maine Mountain Mama said...

I was wondering if you know if the stainless steel rim guard is something you can buy separately? I picked up an identical sink yesterday, very inexpensively, but it is missing that very important piece and I have had no luck finding any info on where I can get just that part. Thanks in advance!