Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Take It Outside: Beautiful Backyard Blogger Series

backyard with pool

Welcome to our backyard!  It's been awhile since I shared much about our outdoor space so when my friend Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone asked if I wanted to take part in her Beautiful Backyard Blogger Series it was a no brainer to say yes!

take it outside beautiful backyard blogger series

Stefanie will be featuring 10 blogger backyards over the next two weeks, be sure to stop by her blog for a new and different beautiful backyard every day.

Our backyard space is simply another room to our 1740 home and functions similar to many family's backyards.  Plenty of space to run, play, bounce, swim, sit and eat.  There are a handful of DIY projects sprinkled throughout our outdoor space and I will be sure to point them out along the way starting with the giant dining table:

backyard patio dining table

I built the outdoor trestle style dining table two summers ago and it has not moved since.  It seats 10 adults comfortably and has so much surface area for food and decor I absolutely love it.

diy outdoor trestle style dining table

backyard pathway

This path leads down the side of the house to the back and I just wanted to share the hidden nature of our backyard.  It truly is a treasure you can't see from the road, like our own escape right in the middle of it all.

backyard patio

backyard fence and pool

I should note our house sits sideways on the lot because it was built long before the streets and roads came along.  I'm guessing when Samuel Brown built this home he strategically positioned the house according to the sun and on the highest point of the farmland for drainage reasons.

backyard fire pit and diy adirondack chairs

Fire pits are all the rage and of course we have one complete with adult and kid size adirondack chairs, diy projects you can build.

diy adirondack chairs adult and kids size

Looking back into the yard we still have the original well (that pile of stones) and yes there is water in it.  The gnarly tree behind the well has been there forever too and is nearly hollow in the trunk but somehow it keeps on living.  I believe it is a redbud and has the most beautiful purple flowers in Spring for about 3 days.

backyard with well and diy see saw

The see saw is also a DIY project and it's a great size for kids and adults:

diy see saw

Now let's look towards the front of the house, which is actually more of a side yard because the house is turned sideways on the lot: 

front of house and sideyard

I'm ever so grateful to the previous owners who planted all the hearty vegetation that surrounds our home.  Some days it's quite the chore to wrangle all the overgrowth but I cannot complain because it's just so lush and bountiful.

front of house

The plaque next to the front door is simply a marker from the local chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution, our house is not a historical landmark.  I do feel a huge sense of historical responsibility to maintain the true character and original charm of what once was (and still is) Samuel Brown's homestead.  (Sidenote: my sister's married last name is Brown.)

historical plaque antique home

front walkway view to street

Looking towards the street from the front door you can clearly see how the house is sideways on the lot.  And just barely visible up on the left side is the new DIY swinging bench I recently completed.

front patio and diy swinging bench

I built the swinging bench from cedar boards and left it unfinished to weather naturally.  It's a great spot for people watching and my kids will often sit out there after we finish dinner on the front patio:

front patio

Most weeknights we eat dinner up here on the front patio simply because it's closer to the kitchen.  You can bet a DIY outdoor dining table is on my to-do list for this space and I'm thinking something round?!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our beautiful backyard and outdoor areas and thank you for taking the time to look through our space.  It's been a lot of hard work and effort in maintaining but at the same time it continues to be a joy that gives back.

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  1. your yard is gorgeous- i love that stone patio so much! and all of your hand made pieces are so at home.... that see-saw looks like epic fun to me!

  2. Your home and yard are a spectacle, candy for the eyes. I really LOVE that gnarly tree.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!

    It's hard for me to tear my eyes away from your house - the color is so striking and works so well with the landscaping...but your outdoor projects are killer. I love how you made them with love!

  4. Oh wow, what a yard you have! I think this is my first time taking the outside tour and I just have to say, it's as beautiful as the inside. Love it!

  5. Your yard puts the STUN in stunning! Everything is neat + orderly + obviously well-planned. Meanwhile, those outdoor plates with the blue borders + red stars look just like Chicago's city flag!