Friday, October 28, 2016

DIY Crib Mattress Sectional Sofa

Hooray it's Friday and we have another gift build plan to share with you!  Today it's a crib mattress sectional sofa perfect for the playroom:

diy crib mattress sectional sofa

This gift build is for the whole family, the kids will enjoy their new comfy digs and the parents will enjoy not having to listen to those endless laugh tracks on the kids shows!  

Save that crib mattress once your kids have outgrown the actual crib and repurpose it into a sofa.  Ana White made some easy modifications to her ever popular outdoor sofa and she now has plans for the crib mattress size.

handbuilt holiday gift plans

Ana and I have been busy bringing you new gift plans every Friday, this is week 4 of the 12 week series and by far the biggest bang for your buck.  Two crib mattresses and about 16 studs is all you need to make this beauty, that's less than $50 in lumber and I know a lot of you have a crib mattress on hand.

diy crib mattress sectional sofa

My kids came home from school and proceeded to jump on the new sofa and lounge about making good models so you can see the proportions and sizing, it's generous.

Friday, October 21, 2016

DIY Moon Doll Bassinet

It's Friday friends and that means another gift build for the Handbuilt Holiday series.  Today Ana White and I are revealing the diy moon doll bassinet with free plans to build your own.

diy moon doll bassinet

As promised we share a new plan every Friday through Christmas for a project you can build in time for the holidays.  This is the 4th year of this series and we truly enjoy coming up with new builds every year.

handbuilt holiday series

diy moon doll bassinet

This moon doll bassinet was inspired by the baby doll bassinet at Pottery Barn Kids.  Their version retails for $99 plus shipping, I made my version from scrap wood.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

DIY Framed Pinboard

diy framed pinboard

Make your own pinboard any size to fit your space using homasote.  I'm over at Pretty Handy Girl today sharing how to make a diy framed pinboard.  Get all the details on this easy project that looks super fancy here.

diy framed pinboard

Friday, October 14, 2016

Toddler Size Scooter Ride On

Week 2 of the Handbuilt Holiday series and we have the cutest little diy scooter ride on made from scrap wood!

diy toddler size scooter ride on toy

For those of you just joining us Ana White and I are sharing a new gift plan every Friday until Christmas in our annual Handbuilt Holiday series.  You can see the past three years worth of gift builds here and get your Christmas list started!

handbuilt holiday series 2016

Today we are sharing a project that was on the list for last year but never made it to publish.  Thankfully Ana now has the free plans for you to build this super fun scooter ride on toy!  

diy toddler size scooter ride on toy

How cute is my little model?  And yes she is sitting backwards on the scooter but that's okay, she's 14 months old.

Friday, October 7, 2016

DIY Pretend Play Market

It's a big day as we share the first gift build in the Handbuilt Holiday series for 2016 and we're starting with this DIY pretend play market. 

diy pretend play market

Thank you for joining Ana White and myself for another year of Handbuilt Holiday gift builds.  Each year we come up with 12 gift projects you can build and give for the holidays and we have free plans for all of them!

handbuilt holiday series 2016

We always begin in October with the bigger, more complicated builds so you have time to complete them before the holidays roll around.  Ana has the plans for this pretend play market today, isn't it the cutest idea and so versatile too!

diy pretend play market

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to Make a Sugar Skull Wreath

 Make this super easy sugar skull wreath using dollar store faux flowers and a pool noodle.

diy sugar skull wreath

Halloween is just around the corner and although we had our Day of the Dead party back in September now is the perfect time to display this wreath.  Plus it's colorful and fresh and not too scary.

diy sugar skull wreath

I actually borrowed this idea from Rebecca at The Crafted Sparrow who shared a beautiful version with felt flowers here.  I swapped out the felt flowers for faux silk flowers and used fabric in place of ribbon.  I'll show you how down below.