Friday, November 11, 2016

DIY Kids Street Vendor Cart

Let's building something fun and versatile for the kids this week, how about a kids street vendor cart?  

It's Friday and week 6 of the Handbuilt Holiday series with Ana White and myself.  Which means we only have 6 weeks left to build all the fun gifts for Christmas!!  Hooray!

Today we are sharing plans for a street vendor cart that truly could be anything: a lemonade stand, a bookmobile, an ice cream stand, or even a farmers market.

I went with the holiday goodies theme and used the street vendor cart for sweet treats and hot cocoa.

This cart is built almost completely from 1x3 boards which are very easy to handle, cut and assemble.  

Ana's plans call for a 3/4" plywood counter surface but I had a bunch of short scraps on hand so I used various boards for the counter.  That's the joy of DIY - build it to fit your needs!

Plenty of space on the bottom shelf for display or storage.

The hanging chalkboard sign is 20"l and I used a 1x2 and a 1x3 attached to a piece of 1/4" plywood then notched out the corners with a jig saw:

Use eye hooks and screw eyes to make the sign removable.

Ana has the complete plans here.  I definitely recommending cutting the boards as you build and have fun!

For the handle I opted to use conduit piping.  Use a forstner bit to drill out a 1/2" deep well for the pipe to sit inside and then insert the pipe before attaching the longer side pieces to the top shelf frame.

I love the contrast of the shiny metal against the wood and it's easily wipable from any sticky kid fingers!

The awning is optional but if you can sew a straight line I guarantee you can make the awning.  And if you opt not to sew another option would be to staple the fabric in place directly onto the wood frame.

I used 1 yard of 45"wide cotton fabric.  Working just as you would to make a slipcover lay the fabric wrong side up over the roof.  Cut 2 triangular pieces for the sides and pin along the edge.  Sew the pieces together following the pins.  Turn right side out and fold up the bottom edge twice to make a hem.

The wheels are purely decorative here but you could make them functional if you placed them a little bit lower - that would tilt your cart so be sure to add a miter cut to the bottom of the back legs.

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I enjoyed building it.  Thank you to Ana for putting together the plans.   Be sure to check back every Friday until Christmas when we post a new Handbuilt Holiday gift build project.

If you missed the previous plans from this year scroll down below and click on the photo to get the plans:


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