Sunday, February 12, 2017

Back Foyer Makeover

Popping in with a little back foyer makeover that's been long overdue since we moved in three and a half years ago.  First an after picture because we all love a finished beauty shot:

back foyer makeover

And the before:

farmhouse back foyer before

It's not all that bad right?  Plus it's a pass through space that is typically dark and no one really focuses on that area.  But it didn't feel connected to the rest of our house because it was neglected.  And I must admit I did add that clear glass dome light fixture when we first moved in (the previous owners removed their fixture and left it empty) but I think it was a rush decision on my part and never really felt like the right fit.

My husband despised the wallpaper and it was all ripped up and missing above the bathroom door (because the bathroom vent was never actually connected to the hose that takes the hot air outside - insert eye roll - I found this out when redoing my girls closet upstairs.  So every time someone took a shower all the steam poured out and magically removed the wallpaper.)  And the paint on the closet doors was peeling off because the prior painter didn't prep the doors properly.

back foyer wallpaper before

After a little elbow grease removing the wallpaper, installing board and batten trim and sanding and painting everything we have a fresh space that blends with our home:

back foyer hallyway board and batten

farmhouse back foyer before and after

This makeover was fairly simple and only involved a bit of labor on my part.  I'll show you how I completed the process down below.

removing wallpaper

Step 1: I started by removing all the old wallpaper.  No fancy methods here just peel off what you can then soak the wall with a sponge and warm water, peel some more and keep washing all the wallpaper paste off the walls.

installing board and batten trim

Step 2: Sand everything to remove all the old peeling paint and patch any holes.  Install the batten boards using construction adhesive and 2" finish nails.  Attach the top 1x4 board first about 2/3 up the wall and be sure it's level.  Then go in and divide the space equally using 1x3 boards on the vertical. 

diy board and batten trim in hallway

Spackle, chaulk and sand everything smooth then paint with two coats Benjamin Moore Aura semi-gloss in color: London Fog.  The wall color is Texas Leather matte.

diy board and batten trim in hallway

As you can see this short hallway leads into the Family Room so it's a high traffic zone.

back foyer makeover primitive chandelier

Back in the foyer area the closet doors look brand new with their fresh coat of paint that's not peeling.  And if you know me I rarely paint rooms dark so I was super hesitant about going with Texas Leather on the walls but it's such a small space and I think the contrast is amazing.

back foyer makeover before and after

Looking back down the hallway:

antique farmhouse hallway

This view from the Family Room shows you the unique layout with the back foyer on the right, the bathroom on the left and the stairwell before going through to the Dining Room and Kitchen.  Often we race each other to see if it's faster to go through the foyer or straight through but up and down that step, it's always a tie.

I hope you enjoyed this refresh of our back foyer space.  It truly is a joy to love on our home and make each and every space our own while still maintaining that antique farmhouse charm.

post and beam construction 1740 farmhouse

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  1. Excellent make-over...Love that batten board

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Your home is perfect. Just enough, not too much stuff. And I love the brightness, but still a nice warmth. Roann

  3. This looks so pretty - I love the board and batten. I'm dying to get some board and batten up somewhere in our house, but Ryan's calling in some down time before we start more projects. ;)

  4. I want to eat those exposed beams for breakfast.
    I love your home.

  5. This looks really lovely! And I don't envy you for that wallpaper removal one bit - I imagine removing wallpaper is a hideous job! Cheers, Kate xx