Friday, February 17, 2017

DIY USA Map Wall Hanging

Who loves a good scrap fabric project?  I'm game anytime there's a bazillion bits of fabric involved and this USA map wall hanging project is just that.  Collect your favorite small fabric pieces and make a beautiful, colorful wall hanging plus I added an extra personal touch:

diy usa map wall hanging

See those little red wood hearts?  I made this wall hanging for my mom's birthday and each of the hearts represents one of her kids.  I'm the oldest of 5 siblings and we are spread out all over the US so this little map wall hanging is a daily reminder of us kids.

diy usa map wall hanging

diy usa map wall hanging

I framed the wall hanging by sandwiching the fabric between two wood boards.  The wood also acts as a weight to keep the wall hanging flat.

diy usa map wall hanging

Bev at Flamingo Toes has the free printable pattern for the USA map and she made the most beautiful quilt you definitely want to check it out.

Down below I'll share the steps on how to make this USA map wall hanging.

diy map wall hanging on chalkboard

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usa map free printable pattern

Step 1: Print out the USA map free pattern and tape the pieces together.

how to make a usa map wall hanging

Step 2: Cut the states into manageable portions keeping 3-4 states connected so you don't loose pieces.  Iron on double sided fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric, use a piece large enough for the state you are tracing.

how to make a usa map wall hanging

Step 3: Place the paper pattern right side onto the light box then place the fabric on top.  Trace the outline of the state onto the paper backing of the interfacing.

how to make a usa map wall hanging

Step 4: Cut out the state shape. *Keep the paper backing on the interfacing.

scrap fabric states cut out

scrap fabric usa map wall hanging

Step 5: Once you have all the states cut out arrange on the muslin fabric, remove the paper backing and begin ironing in place.

Step 6:  Secure the states to the muslin with a tight zig zag stitch.

wood frame for wall hanging

Step 7: Use a second piece of muslin as the backing and then sew in the ditch around the entire USA border.  Hem the sides by folding over the raw edge and top stitching.  Hem the top and bottom with a loose zig zag stitch just to prevent fraying and keep pieces together.

Mark a line at least 3/4" in from bottom and top edge.  

wood frame for wall hanging

Step 8: Apply wood glue to pine boards.  Place fabric between boards using the pencil line as a guide.

wood frame for wall hanging

Step 9: Screw boards together to hold fabric in place using 1 1/4" countersunk wood screws.

Insert screw eyes on top edge then attach jute rope and tie in place.

wood heart magnets

To make the heart magnets paint wood craft heart shapes red and let dry.  Use super glue to attach one washer to the back of each heart.

wood heart magnets

Place the heart in position on the front of the wall hanging and use a super magnet on the back to hold heart in place.

Hang and enjoy!

diy usa map wall hanging




Connie said...

I love this! It would be the perfect gift for a retire couple heading out in their RV for a traveling adventure.

Trudi said...

Love it!

Vicky said...

I love it but I think you forgot the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Jaime Costiglio said...

Thanks Vicky and yes I realized after it was too late that I forgot that extra piece of Michigian. My apologies to all your Michiganians.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Gah. I just love this project! Such a fun way to track travels, people you love, and more. Love the hearts on it and all the patterned fabric.

Mindi Carwin said...

I am so loving this Jaime!