Monday, March 20, 2017

DIY Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

We can always use more storage and more counterspace right?  How about building a dedicated pantry cabinet that doubles as more serving space?  Today I'm sharing this freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet with free plans.

diy freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet

I've partnered with Build Something to bring you step by step plans so you can build this kitchen pantry cabinet.  Build Something is full of project plans by space and type so you can find inspiration for nearly any room in your home.  Before you head over there to check out the plans for this pantry cabinet be sure to read through my building tips below.

diy freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet

With the doors closed you would hardly suspect this cabinet is full of food storage!  And it's not meant for just the kitchen, you could use it in your office, craft room or work space too.

diy kitchen pantry cabinet with storage and counterspace

The doors are plenty deep at 7 1/4" for multiple cans and boxes.  I opted to not paint the interior because I think food always looks more enticing and easier to find against a white or neutral background.  The exterior is painted in Benjamin Moore polo blue advance satin.

diy pantry sideboard cabinet free plans

Below are a few notes and tips from the building process I suggest you read through before beginning.

building process kitchen pantry cabinet

The bottom / base of this cabinet has notches cut out for the side panels.  Follow the plans for dimensions and use a jig saw or 4" hand held circular saw to make the cuts.

pocket holes in base of pantry cabinet

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Once the bottom is notched then add the pocket holes.

kitchen pantry cabinet carcass

Above is the constructed carcass.  I choose to have one fixed shelf because it adds to the strength and stability of the cabinet.  The second shelf is movable and I definitely recommend using the Kreg Shelf Jig to make the shelf pin holes:

Kreg shelf pin jig for movable shelves

Mark the cabinet sides equally then place the Shelf Pin drilling jig up against the side and set the collar depth on the bit.  You should clamp the jig in place to ensure exact spacing and then drill the holes. 

insert shelf pins for movable shelves

Perfectly lined up shelf pin holes with zero tear out.  Insert the shelf pins and then add your shelf.

storage doors for kitchen pantry cabinet

The doors are constructed using all pocket holes.  Be sure to keep the pocket holes to the underside and interior of the shelf trim to keep them hidden.

storage doors for kitchen pantry cabinet

Add the backing and trim then apply putty to fill any holes.  Sand smooth and paint.

partial wrap hinges on pantry cabinet

For the hinges I recommend full wrap cabinet hinges.  I used partial wrap hinges here because when I ordered the hinges I was thinking they might be placed on / near the shelf trim and that limits the full wrap.  Alas that would only happen if you opted for 3 hinges on each side, the middle hinge would definitely hit the shelf trim and need to be a partial wrap.  Otherwise I would use full wrap hinges for more support (I ordered them but they didn't arrive in time for photos. )

Also you will need a magnetic latch at the top center and possibly at the bottom as well depending on how heavy your doors are once full.

diy kitchen pantry cabinet

I hope you enjoyed this project.  Please leave any questions in the comments below along with your email address and I will respond.  The complete plans can be found here.


freestanding pantry cabinet free plans

Disclaimer:  I partnered with Build Something to make this post possible.  I received product and / or compensation however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I love the idea of this freestanding cabinet. There are so many ways to use it!! And I love your choice of leaving the inside unfinished. It looks awesome against the gorgeous blue.

  2. Seriously impressed. You should do a little video swinging it open and closed. It's so cute!


  3. Great project, especially for those of us in older homes that may not have as much cabinet and storage space... AWESOME, as always!!!

  4. Thank you Jaime for a simple, straightforward, and beautiful plan. The project fits the bill exactly for my kitchen renovation. I would like to mobilize it with wheels or something akin to a lift system you would use for moving machinery such as a drill press or band saw. Secondly, I would like to build the top as a butcher block and wondered could this design handle a heavier top especially the portion that overhangs the door. Do you think these ideas are workable? Thanks again