Thursday, April 6, 2017

DIY Fence Style Easter Basket free plans

A super cute fence style Easter basket made from scrap wood and paint stir sticks.  I'm sharing the free plans to build this fun Easter project down below.

diy fence style easter basket

Earlier this week I posted my Martha inspired Easter basket complete with all the chocolate bunnies and eggs.

diy easter basket with faux chocolate bunnies and eggs

I  promised plans for the actual basket and I'm here to deliver.  But if you want more details on the faux chocolate bunnies and eggs plus check out 5 more Martha inspired blogger Easter baskets click here.

Down below I share the free plans in addition to real life steps as I built these baskets.  Be sure to read through all steps before beginning.

fence style basket free plans

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building an easter basket

Step 2: Boxes assembled.  You can see I used some leftover scrap wood here.

predrill holes for basket handle

Be sure to predrill the hole for the handle about 1/2" deep.  Use a 3/4" forstner bit and make the hole centered on the board.

assembling a wood easter basket

cutting fence pickets on miter saw

To make it easier to cut the pickets I kept the plastic wrapping on the stir sticks and cut at a 30 degree angle.

attaching fence pickets to basket

Use wood glue and 5/8" finish nails to attach the pickets.  Fill all the nail holes with wood putty and finish as desired.

fence style Easter basket with grass

Add some Easter grass and all the goodies!  I hope you enjoyed this fence style Easter basket, be sure to share your finished projects.


diy easter basket free plans

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