Sunday, July 30, 2017

DIY Mini Homer Bucket Ornament

mini homer bucket ornaments

What tool tree would be complete without the mini homer bucket?  Today I'll show you how to make these miniature bucket ornaments as part of the tool tree ornament collection.

Christmas in July

I'm celebrating Christmas in July by sharing all the tutorials for my mini tool tree.  Be sure to follow along for all the details.

mini tool tree

Once you have all the ornaments made use an inexpensive plastic organizer as a gift box and bonus it also doubles as a storage container.

mini tool ornaments storage case

diy mini homer buckets

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diy mini homer buckets how to

Step 1: Spray the exterior of the plastic containers Rustoleum real orange gloss.

diy mini homer buckets adding handle

Step 2: Hand paint 'let's do this' on one side.  Predrill 2 holes using a 1/8" bit.

wire handle for homer bucket

Step 3: Make a large U shape with wire and wrap a small bit of white clay around top of handle.  Bake as directed on clay packaging.

wire handle attach to homer bucket

Step 4: Insert open ends of wire handle into predrilled holes and bend 1/4" upwards on interior to keep in place.

diy miniature homer bucket ornaments

The buckets are super cute alone or you could fill them with candy or treats as a favor. 


They are part of the mini tool tree collection and look great altogether too:

mini tool tree ornament collection

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mini saw blade
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mini paint brush
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mini extension cord
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