Monday, July 17, 2017

DIY Mini Paint Brush Ornament

mini paint brush ornaments

Continuing on with the Christmas in July series today I'm sharing the mini paint brush ornaments.

Christmas in July graphic

If you're just tuning in welcome to Christmas in July and all the tutorials for my mini tool tree ornaments.  I hope to share the step-by-step instructions for all of the mini tools so you can make your own.

miniature tool tree ornaments

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The paint brush ornament is a miniature replica of a chip brush:

miniature paint brushes versus actual size

Below are the steps to making a mini paint brush ornament.  Be sure to read through entirely before beginning.


mini paint brush step 1

Step 1: Create a paper template for the handle.  Trace the pattern onto a paint stick and cut out using a scroll saw.  Sand any rough edges.

mini paint brush step 2

Step 2: Use a coping saw to carve out a small slit in the handle.

mini paint brush step 3-5

Step 3: Cut chipboard width of handle and about 1/2" long.  Insert chipboard into slit using super glue.
Step 4: Cut 2 squarish pieces of leather identical.  Make fringe on one end by making multiple super small cuts.  Both pieces need fringe.
Step 5: Attach leather to chipboard using Super Glue.

mini paint brush step 6

Step 6: Cut a small strip of foil tape, enough to go around entire brush with a little overlap.  Remove paper backing and apply foil tape to seam where leather meets the wood handle.

miniature paint brush ornament details

Step 7: Make indentations in the foil tape using a wooden skewer.  Use an actual chip brush as inspiration on where to draw the lines.

Step 8: Drill a 3/8" hole in the top center of the handle and add a string hanger.

diy mini paint brush

I love these mini paint brushes on their own but honestly when paired with all the other mini tools it's just overwhelming!

diy mini tool tree ornaments collection

Stay tuned for more mini tool ornaments to come soon.


mini saw blade ornament
mini saw blade
mini tape measure ornament
mini tape measure
mini extension cord ornament
mini extension cord

mini toolbox ornament
mini toolbox
mini spray paint ornament
mini spray paint


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