Friday, August 11, 2017

DIY Plant Stand with Free Plans

diy plant stand

A little housewarming gift for my sister I whipped up this plant stand super fast and I'm sharing the tutorial so you can make one too!  

For reference this pot is 12" diameter at the upper most portion and 8" diameter at the base.  The pot itself is 9 1/2" tall so you can make adjustments as needed based on your pot size.

diy indoor plant stand

I finished this plant stand in gloss white which is a nice contrast against wood floors and grey planter.  You can finish however you like - stain, paint, maybe a fun color or dip the legs - the possibilities are endless.

painted plant stand

This is a really simple project that gives beautiful finishing touch to your houseplants and keeps the planter off the floor.

Check out my video tutorial below where I share the process start to finish: 

empty plant stand

Below are a few real life process photos with notes as well as a link to printable plans.  Be sure to read through entirely before beginning so you understand the process.

diy plant stand plans

building a plant stand supplies

Once you have the pieces cut assembly is rather quick.

plant stand base

In Step 1 you need to notch the support pieces to create a strong and sturdy base.  Mark both pieces at center for a 1 1/2" wide notch that is 3/4" deep.

plant stand notched supports

Use a bandsaw or jigsaw to carefully cut out the notches.

diy plant stand support base

In Step 2 secure the support pieces together using wood glue and countersunk 1 1/4" wood screws (on the underside).  

For the complete step by step tutorial see my plans here.  Also the entire process is on video here.

Good luck building your plant stand!

Be sure to follow and tag me on social media if do build this, I love to see reader projects.

diy plant stand free plans

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  1. This is so pretty! Gotta make me a few with all those scrap pieces I have, and hey, plants look better on it! :)