Saturday, April 24, 2010

Freecycle Kids Play Barn Makeover

A Freecycle kids play horse barn makeover.  I have my sister to thank for this one, without her I would never have known about Freecycle and now my little girls are truly benefiting.  I was sorting through the Freecycle posts last week and came across this - OFFER: wooden stable with horses. BINGO. We don't have a stable or horses so I knew they would love it. Picked it up the next day and it was fine. Plain. Clean. Did not at all resemble Little Elk Ranch but I could change that.

Here is the before:

kids play horse barn before

And all done up:

kids play horse barn after

I took a few more pics of all angles. The girls are LOVING playing horses now (I should've saved it for Christmas) but it was so much fun to decorate I couldn't contain myself. And thanks to Uncle Dom for that farm animals pop up book he got for girl 1 way back, buddy boy got a hold of it and it was no longer a pop up book but had great images to cut up for the stable.

diy kids wood play barn painted

diy kids wood play barn details

kids wood play barn details

The horses love their updated stable:

play horses inside painted barn