Friday, September 17, 2010

"T" is for Topiaries

Topiaries and tv too!

As you can see the tv has finally been installed but it was looking very lonely all by itself above the fireplace so I made some topiaries. Below is how I did the topiaries, of course there are lots of tutorials on how to construct these all over the Internet but here's my version.

- (2) styrofoam balls
- (2) sticks
- (2) clay pots
- (1) garland length of boxwood faux greens (Michael's - don't forget your coupon Mom!)
- cement mix of some sort
- plastic container to hold stick and cement
- styrofoam or floral foam to keep plastic container in place in clay pot
- spanish moss or other covering
- raffia or other ribbon

First I pulled all the boxwood stems off the garland and divided my pile in two in order to make two topiaries.

Then I just started poking the stems into the styrofoam ball with some spacing between each stem. I left a bare spot on the bottom side of the ball because I ran out of stems and it won't be seen.

Next to prepare the sticks I simply put them in the plastic drink containers and poured cement in. I did put some small rocks in too for added weight. And for some reason the cement I had took forever to dry.
All pieces ready for assembly:

Then I placed the plastic containers in the center of the clay pots (which I did put felt on the bottom of the pot so as not to scratch any surface). I stuffed some styrofoam pieces all around for a snug fit.

Then I made a hole in the greenery covered styrofoam ball and pushed in onto the stick with some hot glue. Next I covered the styrofoam pieces in the pot with spanish moss and tied on some raffia.
This was really a 'make with what I had' project so it's not perfect but it definitely livens up the lonely tv.

And the bench for the back door is nearly complete, just needs some paint.


  1. Beautiful creations. Saw your posts on Pinterest.

    1. Thanks Tanya. Super easy to make and you can alter the size for your space.