Friday, November 26, 2010

"B" is for Bed #1

My first farmhouse bed. 

Okay so it's doll size but still super cute and I'm loving the look so much I really want to make the adult version.

I made all the bedding, you can read about the Trip Around the World quilt here.

As usual I got the plans from Ana White's blog but I have to say this bed is rather wide - more like a queen size for dolls (Bitty twins anyone?).

And since I have two girls I had to make two beds, one queen, one twin. 
The twin is simply 3" narrower (equal to one less slat) than the queen and I will blog about it in the next post. ("B" is for Bed #2)

Here are the pieces with some beginning construction:

All assembled and sanded:

Primed, painted, sanded and polyed:

Dressed for bed - makes you want to climb right in!

 And as far as I can tell American Girl doesn't sell anything close to my wooden Farmhouse Bed.
I checked their website and Addy's bed might be the closest I could find:
image from American Girl

Or this trundle bed but even it's made of plastic (for $68????):

image from American Girl

And a quick preview of Bed #2:

They will definitely be going under the tree so SHH!
Now on to the adult version - might have to wait until after Christmas for that project.


  1. Your beds are really cute. I had plans to make a doll be out of a kitchen drawer, but never got it done. Maybe next year.

  2. I think your quilts are even more amazing than the beds! I am going to make a bed for my niece for her birthday, and now I'm dreaming of the tiny quilt I can make along with it. Truly beautiful!