Saturday, November 27, 2010

"B" is for Bed #2

And now the twin version of the Farmhouse Bed:

Yesterday I posted about Bed #1 here including the building process and now today we have the slightly narrower version in pink:

(You can read about the quilt in my post here.)

Here is just the bed:

Emily fits right in:

And of course I went crazy making all the bedding so let's change it up:

The quilt is a Trip Around the World posted on the blog here.

Another bedding change:

And lastly both beds together:

Santa has done his work.


  1. These beds are just adorable! I would love to make these for my daughter's barbie dollhouse. I tried to find the plans on Ana's website, but unfortunately I couldn't locate them :(
    Great job!
    Megs :)

  2. Hi Megs,
    Thanks for checking out the doll beds. The plans can be found here:

    These beds are definitely too big for barbies though, more the size of American Girl dolls - in total about 21" long. For this bed #2 I modified Ana's plans by making the bed one slat narrower (her plans make a very wide bed). I too have been looking for simple barbie furniture but haven't come across any yet.

  3. I love the narrow bed! I just made the regular one, and it feels huge. If the narrow bed works fine for an American Girl doll, then I'm going to make that one for a friend's daughter. We don't have any AG dolls in our house yet so I can't test it out. Plus I have three girls and was wondering where we would fit three of those honking beds. After I'm done with the first twin bed, I'll try it out on my girls' regular babydolls. Thanks for sharing your idea!