Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY Kids Size Picnic Table

A picnic table for the kids, made entirely from reclaimed wood. 

I've been meaning to make a kids size picnic table ever since last summer when we spent so much time in the backyard.  With three small kids and only the adult patio table with enormous adult size chairs it was really difficult for them to have a place to sit (to eat, to draw, to play card games, etc).

I got to it with plans from Ana White's blog  for the Big Kid Picnic Table.  I did modify it a bit while going along in order to use the pallet and wood that I had on hand. 

I started with a pallet for the top and added some filler pieces to make a complete top:

Made the legs, seat supports and cross support from a 2x4 found in the garage from the previous owners:

And we're ready for a picnic.

Now that winter is approaching we won't have much use for it but I'm all prepared for next spring! 
Definitely worth the $0 price tag.

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