Thursday, December 2, 2010

"B" is for Bedazzled

Now is the time for all that glitters and shines! 
(And no I never had a bedazzler but it was definitely talked about quite a bit growing up.) 

I'm not usually the shiny, glittery, sparkly type but when Christmas rolls around I do have a few decorations that fit the bill.  I pulled it all out and went crazy trying on different looks for my "trug" container:

But first I updated the trug handle, here is the BEFORE:

And now the chunkier AFTER:

I think I need something in between the thin jute and the chubby rope but you use what you have right?

Colored balls - don't we all have these?

All that glitters is gold (and green):

Now for glittery green and red:

Somehow this doesn't quite go with the aged pallet wood.
How about a more natural authentic Christmas feel:

Or just some berries?

Or let's put the berries in this bin instead:

I think I stick with the real greens, straight from the backyard, I'm just not a bedazzler:

Happy decorating for Christmas!

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  1. Totally awesome. I came here by way of Ana's blog and just love your Christmas decorations in the trug. I'm off to make one (or two or three or four..) for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!