Monday, December 13, 2010

"C" is for Christmas

My Christmas kitchen.

I thought I'd share a few quick pics of our kitchen now that it's Christmas and four months has passed since the renovation completion:

I made these little bags to hang on the kids cubbies from the leftover webbing:
(Check out the kids table here.)

Santas on the ledge thanks to Grandma Florida:

One of my only sparkly decorations:

Showing some Minnesota love (the loon is the state bird):

I have to admit I'm having an aversion to the tree this year, I'm just not into it at all.
One giant pain.
Maybe there's too many ornaments of all shapes, sizes and colors.
Maybe it's because two strings of lights already died while on the tree and I had to fish them out to replace.
Just not into it.
Thank goodness Girl #2 had the stamina to hang every last ornament or they might have stayed in the boxes.  I guess for the kids the tree is everything because that's where the presents go.
To me the tree means work and mess, I enjoy all the other decorations around the house.
This is the only picture I have of the tree this year (see it below on the left side) and that's all you need to see:

Forget about decorating your mantel with the tv hanging up there, makes for a real challenge:

Thanks Ellie for prompting me to act on this post.  Enjoy.

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  1. I really love how you spruced up the backs of the barstools. So cute!

  2. Your new kitchen is beautiful. And I can't wait for my daughter to hang all the ornaments for me! Or at least help me clean all of it up!

  3. I love the barstools...very festive!

  4. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love that you decorated the barstools.
    Happy Holidays,

  5. i really like those little bags you made and the stocking on the door. kelly

  6. Love the openess of your kitchen! Beautiful job! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  7. Wow, I love your kitchen. Your Christmas decor is beautiful thanks for sharing.

  8. Your Kitchen is .jsut beautiful. I love the stools.

  9. Love your kitchena nd how you decorated your stools!

  10. Gorgeous kitchen, adorable barstool swags, and love the little cubby pouches from extra webbing! Such sweet touches!

  11. So what if you don't like your tree or can't decorate your mantel...? Who would possibly want to be in any other room but that beautiful kitchen anyway? I'd plop in one of those bar-stools and sit happily for hours. Beautiful!

  12. Your little winter touches are darling!

  13. Hello, I am blog hopping today and just decided to stop by your blog.

    Your decorations are BEAUTIFUL!!

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    Have a very blessed Wednesday!! :0)

  14. Beautiful decorations! The barstools look great with just a touch of holiday spirit!

  15. This is such a gorgeously decorated kitchen. I love it all, but the chair backs really take the biscuit!

  16. Jaime,
    I love the way you decorated the bar stools. Do you remember where you got them? I have two just like them and would love to get more but the company that originally made mine has gone out of business. Thanks.

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Hi Nancy, Glad you like the stools and good to hear someone else has them as well. As for where I got them - Craigslist - so unfortunately that's not much help. And when I picked them up they were in terrible condition (spokes missing, seats off) but also there were no labels whatsoever so I'm really no help. I did a quick post about them:

    Your best bet is to scour Craigslist or ebay. Good luck!