Sunday, February 27, 2011

"M" is for Memory Match

Memory match game turned into a birthday banner (and more!).

In our house when my kids are done with a toy that still has life the options are:
1. save for Lily
2. donate
3. repurpose

This memory match game got the repurpose option.

The dimuative little wooden square was just too cute to give away so I made girl #2 a birthday banner.

Here's how I made the banner:

1. Lightly sand animal off the front and wipe with damp cloth:

2. Apply paper using mod podge, once dry sand off excess paper around edges:

3. For the lettering I printed mine onto cardstock and cut out a square shape to mimic wood block:
(I'm sure those swanky machines have a bazillion options for vinyl letters which might be easier.)

4. Apply letter using mod podge and seal up paper:
(Repeat this process for other side!)

* At this point I sanded again and wiped with stain for a rustic, worn look but you could stop here.

5. Pre-drill hole into center of top edge for screw eye hook:
(I used a 1/16" bit.)

6. Screw in eye hook:

7. Thread onto string (I used jute rope) and hang:

And I can easily untie the rope to change out the name for girl #1 when it's her birthday.
And the back side is boy colors for buddy boy's birthday.

A little birthday decoration made from a memory match game.

The before and after:
Of course I didn't stop there.
With the extra blocks I made a banner for St. Pat's:
(On the back is Christmas.)

And a monogram tag for some friends:

Be sure the think twice about your kids toys before you do away with them - all those little pieces can be repurposed into something great!

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  1. Wonderful re-purposusing! Your banners are adorable!

  2. What a wonderful idea. I simply love it!

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    Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. This is GREAT!!! What a way to think outside of the box...while saving money! :)

  5. Hi, just found you on MM at BNOTP. What a great idea!

  6. Great idea! All that sanding makes me SHIVER, though! :)

  7. WOW! You are so creative....sometimes I am so amazed at what you can think up! I'm SO impressed with this one!!!

  8. Hi! I'm your newest follower and came by way of Lessons of a Newlywed. I just love your banners!
    Have a wonderful evening!

  9. great idea! never thought of using old toys for repurposing! and they look so cute! thanks for sharing! just visiting from a to z

  10. WOW! Who would have thought you could make something so cute out of old toys!? GREAT!

  11. Love this, so adorable and clever! I'm your newest follower, I would love for you to stop by sometime,

    Warm Wishes,

  12. This is adorable! Love how you re-purposed! Oh how I wish I saved our blocks :(
    Thank you for linking, have a fabulous week!

  13. Well aren't you clever! This is such a fun tutorial. I bet your daughter felt very special seeing her name like that. What a fun mom you are. My children are out of the house now but I may just have to find some blocks at the thrift store or a yard sale to try this out.
    Thanks for the cute tutorial.

  14. Very Cute I love repurposing things!

    Recycled art is the Best!

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    Yanet of 3 SKBs

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  19. These are just precious! I love that you were able to reuse what you already had!