Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"M" is for Market

Arts & Crafts Market at the cottage.

If you're near Point Lookout, NY this Saturday, Aug 13th, stop by the cottage.

I'll be there, along with others, selling my items:

Lots of signs.

I built the 'sign ladder' for display purposes, I'll post shortly the how-to on that if you're interested.

More signs.

And wood caddies:

terry cloth and canvas ruffled pouches:


More ornaments I haven't photographed yet.

The Betsy Ross inspired chairs.

And much, much more.

Stop by to check it out:

101 Lido Blvd.
Point Lookout, NY

Sat. Aug 13th, 9am - 8pm


  1. I love your style! Sounds like a great event. If it just wasn't such a long trek from Minnesota....

  2. Good luck to you this weekend...I hope you have a great time! And..I keep seeing that cute little wooden caddie with my boy's name on it (bryce) and it just makes me smile!
    Just wishing I lived closer! Best wishes from Tennessee :)