Monday, October 10, 2011

"F" is for Fringe

Fringe Benefits custom sign.

I painted this sign for a work friend.

She wanted a large wooden version (this sign measures 48"l x 8.25"w) of her business card to hang at her shop space and vendor shows:

I found the closest font, Papyrus Condensed, to match the font on the card.

Here's how I made the sign:

1. Using 3/4" plywood paint two coats off white.

2. Print out letters to fit space and lay out on wood:

3. Trace around letters using ball point pen to leave slight indent in wood.

4. I drew the little man logo to size then traced the outline:

5. Paint espresso brown inside the indent left in the wood:

6. Add a second layer of thin black paint to enhance the color.
Highlight the letters with black.

7. Sand edges to soften.
Stain with Minwax Ipswich Pine.
Seal with satin poly.

A large sturdy version of her business card has come to life.

Hope she gets lots of good use out of the new sign.

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