Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY Vintage Style Doll Crib

Build a vintage style doll crib

Painted in creamy off white with crackle finish:

A special request from a friend.

Big enough for two baby dolls:

Or one sleepy baby:

Here's how I made the crib:

1. Cut pieces to fit using Ana White's plans here:

2. For the end pieces I made a template on graph paper using Ana's layout, then traced the template onto each end piece and cut out with a jigsaw:

3. Construct with glue and screws:

4. Prime and paint one coat BM Kansas Grain.
For the crackle effect paint one layer of white school glue:

6. Immediately add the second coat of BM Kansas Grain, as the glue dries faster than the paint it creates a crackle look, the effect starts almost immediately:

7. Work each surface separately leaving it flat (horizontal) to dry, if you tip it vertical you will get droopy, saggy sloppy cracks.

8. After it dries it looks like this:

9. To enhance the crackles rub brown acrylic paint in the cracks then wipe away the excess:

10. Sand to distress edges.

11. Stain with Minwax Early American to age the whole crib.
Then seal with clear satin poly:

9. For the mattress, cut a piece of foam mattress topper to length, set inside bottom of crib and then fold over sandwiching the bumpy part of the topper together:

10. Wrap foam with cotton batting and stitch or hot glue to hold mattress together and keep shape.

At this point you can cover with fabric and add bedding as you wish.

Or just leave it plain, loving the simplicity.

Thanks Ana for the great plans.


  1. Jaime, this doll cradle is darling! But then, you make everything exceptional! Thanks for sharing, and I love vintage crackle finish!

  2. What a charming baby cradle! It's beautiful, and you did a gorgeous job building it! (And wowzers, Ana White even says it's exceptional!!! Way to go!) I'd be absolutely delighted if you'd come and share this (and any other posts you'd like to show off) at the Head to Head Showdown link party. It's going on right now at I hope to see you there! ~Jen