Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY Shutter Headboard

How to make a headboard using old shutters.

diy shutter headboard

shutter headboard

shutter headboard detail

I took these shutters:

old shutters before

And made them into this:

old shutters after

 A little makeover for our Master Bedroom, we started with this:
(Yes it's from my husband's bachelor days but I did paint it white.)

master bedroom headboard before

And now have this:

master bedroom headboard after

chalk painted shutter headboard

Here's how I made the headboard:

1. Find old shutters (my neighbor left these out on bulk trash day thank you!):

repurposed old shutters

2. Sand down to smooth then cut each shutter in half, making four equal pieces:

cut shutters in half

3. Paint one coat Annie Sloan paloma grey:

chalk paint on shutters

4. Then paint one coat Annie Sloan old ochre:

old ochre chalk paint on shutters

5. Sand to distress.
Apply Minwax Early American stain:

distressed and stained chalk paint

6. Prepare backing.
Using 3/8" plywood cut 1" less on all sides than shutter layout, attach scrap piece 1x in center for cleat.
Then attach cleat to 1x scrap piece and plywood:

** I also attached a 1x scrap piece near the bottom so the headboard hangs flat against the wall.

plywood headboard backing

7. Place shutters face down (notice I did not paint the backsides) then place plywood backing on top of shutters:

french cleat on plywood backing

8. Predrill and countersink plywood to shutters using 1 1/4" wood screws.
Use 4 screws on each shutter at the corners:

attach plywood to shutters

9. Secure other half of cleat to wall, be sure it's level:
(This cleat claims to be able to hold 200# but the headboard only weighs about 40#.)

french cleat installed on wall

10. Carefully place headboard side of cleat into wall side:

headboard hanging on french cleat

Now move bed back into place:

master bedroom shutter headboard

And you would never know the headboard is not attached to the bed.

rustic distressed shutter headboard

The shutters add a bit of character and charm.

rustic repurposed shutter headboard


  1. WOW!

    I love your new headboard!!!
    You did an amazing - AMAZING - job!!!

    Thanks for the tutorial, too.


  2. Love it. Especially the part where you thankedyourneighbors for the shutters... Awesome. I have to try that annie sloan paint. Looks amazing.

  3. that looks awesome! i really love the buttery warm color you used!

  4. I'm thinking of replacing our full-size ancient brass bed with a king and this would be perfect for a vintage looking headboard. Thanks so much for sharing your awsome idea. And the tutorial too!!

  5. Thanks for the inspiration. I have had some old shutters forever and was waiting for the perfect use. Now I have it! Cheers.

  6. Love it! I wish our town had good trash days like yours. I've been on the hunt for shutters for some time. These sure do add warmth to the room, both in texture, architecture & color.

  7. One of my favs you have ever done! Super cool! Did you change your pic on your profile?? You look completely different! I threw me for a minute. lol

  8. This is just lovely! How wonderful that you were able to get those shutters for FREE!

  9. It looks gorgeous Jaime! Great work and so much better. I'd love it if you'd share this at my Saturday Splendour Party which is still open :)

  10. You. Are. Amazing. Love it Jaime, the prefect amount of shabby too!

  11. I have a pair of found-in-the-trash unpainted shutters, already cut in half. I've just been waiting for the right inspiration to hit me. Boom! Thank you!! Pinning, following, and hoping you'll share this great project at my linkup party going on now @ the Delectable Home.

  12. Pinned it - Love it - Want one too. Thanks for posting. The directions are great abd easy to follow.

  13. That looks awesome!! I love the shutter look!

  14. I really like seeing unconventional ways of making headboards. This looks fantastic! And thanks for showing how you hung it.

    Warmly, Michelle

  15. what a beautiful idea i love it. it would be great if you get chance to link this up to my party going on now at

    thanks aimee xxxx

  16. How wonderful you did with these shutters....just stunning.

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  17. The headboard looks like it is attached to the bed but after seeing the process it was amazing how you did.
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  18. I never even heard of a cleat but I love how it looks like its hanging in air! Great job!