Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY Orange Doll Bunk Beds

Built: doll bunk beds painted in tangerine orange:

Fresh and different and I'm in love.

The perfect size for Kit and all her American Girl doll friends:

The bottom bunk is open, sleepover anyone?

The quilts are basic patchwork made with scraps from my collection:

This bunk bed is going to my girl #2 for her birthday in March.

Here's how I made the bunk bed and bedding:

1. Cut wood pieces are per Ana's plans here.

2. Assemble, putty screw heads and sand:

3. Prime and sand again:

4. Choose paint color.
I used Glidden sunbaked orange flat.

5. Paint two coats
Distress edges lightly then seal with clear satin poly. 

Detail of the distressing:

6. The mattresses are made from mattress foam topper cut to size, wrapped with quilt batting and then covered with white cotton fabric sewn shut:

7. For the quilts I started with a collection of orange and periwinkle fabrics.
Then cut 3" squares.

8. Layout the squares in a random pattern.
Then stitch each row together.

9. Make the quilt sandwich with backing, batting and top.
Saftey pin layers together and quilt on the diagonal:

10. The edge is finished with Kona white binding:

11. The polka dot quilt backing matches the pillowcases:

My girl #2 will be turning 6 and she (and her big sister who is 7) is in the prime playing years for the American Girl dolls. 

 I hope they love this bunk bed as much as I loved making it.


  1. how cute is that? i love the cheery color, too!

  2. Super cute Jaime - I love it in orange and the quilt is beautiful too!

  3. Amazing project. Looks like real one :-)

  4. Wow that's awesome. Very cute.

  5. I love that! The orange is awesome. And the quilts and tiny pillows... Well you just cant get much sweeter! Hope she loves it for many years to come.

  6. That is so amazingly creative, and really impressive in the scope and execution. Wow!

  7. Your daughters are so lucky, and so are their dolls. That is a great bed! Santa brought my girl a hand painted dollbed with a handmade quilt for Christmas this year, and it has gotten so much use.

  8. WOW!!! You are amazing. My daughter would be in heaven if I made her that.

  9. brings back memories of when I made a teddy bears bunk bed for my boys. That was a long time ago.

  10. I've just come over from 'The Cottage Home' comment section. I'm in love with your bunk bed and the colour is sooooooo beautiful. I might make one of these in a years time as my girls are a bit young and I might also make this quilt...


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