Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"K" is for Kreg

Tools: Kreg jig

If you build anything you're going to want this:

I'm not a fancy tool gal by any means, I prefer only my drill, saw and sander but this is one fancy tool you might want to consider.

The Kreg jig makes pocket holes so you can hide your screws.  And who doesn't want to hide their screws?  Not to mention it creates a tight, square, secure joint.

Today I made a few pocket holes, repetitive yes, but the rewards come once the pieces are secured together and all the screws are tucked neatly in their holes:

It looks slightly complicated but once you have it set up just lock in your wood piece and drill:

(and I typically only use 3/4" stock so rarely do I need to adjust the depth)

Pocket hole perfection:

And here you can see all the pocket holes hiding on the underside of this bench, the top is secured with no visible screws on the surface:

And bonus! you can make drawer repairs:

But if you do plan on building and your pocket holes will be visible you'll want to buy Kreg jig pocket hole plugs:

This is the interior of the piece I'm working on and while there will be doors to hide the interior you still want to fill those pocket holes.

Cover the end of the plug with wood glue:

Slide the plug into the pocket hole for a snug fit:

A little putty, some sanding and all will be flush.

I definitely recommend getting the Kreg jig, you're going to love it.

Please note all thoughts and comments are my own and Kreg did not sponsor me to write this post.  This post does contain affiliate links.


  1. I've been wanting one of these. I think it's my next purchase, you just can't do built in furniture and cabinets without one, and I've been putting it off. Where did you get yours?

    Also, I saw on Sandra's blog that she was using a saw to cut the plugs flush with the sides of the piece. But it looks like you just sanded? Did you cut them to the depth you wanted beforehand?

    I am excited lol

  2. I know I LOVE mine and it was worth every dime I paid for it!

  3. OK, OK! One of these days I will actually OPEN the one I got for Christmas! I wish you were closer to hold my hand through a first building project ;-)

  4. LOVE the Kreg jig. My new favorite toy! It makes things so much easier.