Monday, April 30, 2012

Desk Makeover

A desk makeover.

refinished painted desk with hutch

Rrefinishing a stained Pottery Barn desk with bright white paint.

stained desk with hutch beforerefinished painted desk with hutch after

desk hutch refinished

I used Benjamin Moore soft chamois high gloss enamel:

Benjamin moore soft chamois

refinished desk with hutch

painted desk cabinet interior

A school friend had this Pottery Barn desk in rustic chestnut finish, previously in her son's bedroom:
pottery barn stained desk
But she recently moved to a new home and wanted to use the desk in her daughter's bedroom.
I stripped, primed and painted it to match her other bedroom furniture pieces.

Here's how I refinished the desk:

1. Strip off finish with Kwik Strip stripper:

kwik stripper

Then sand, sand, sand.
All stripped:

pottery barn desk stripped

2. Prime with Zinsser cover stain oil based primer.
Paint two coats BM soft chamois high gloss enamel in 
(Color to match existing bedroom furniture.)

desk painted with sprayer

I used a combination of brush, smaller roller and sprayer, sanding in between coats.

desk refinished with coordinating hutch

refinished desk with hutch in white enamel


  1. Amazing results, it's a much prettier desk now! I bet the little girl is going to love it!

  2. that looks awesome- so sleek and it looks like it would help with organization!

  3. I love it painted! You did a great job on it.