Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"T" is for Tote

Craft: straw tote

3 fun ways to embellish an inexpensive tote:

A cute tote you can take anywhere:

1. Monogram with pom pom trim:

2. Rolled fabric flowers:

3. Ruffle trim:

Here's how I embellished the straw tote:

Purchase inexpensive straw tote from Target dollar bins:

1. Monogram: print out letter to size.
Stabilize fabric with fusible interfacing, place print out right side down on light box then fabric right side down, trace outline of letter onto back of interfacing:

2. Cut out letter and use tiny pom pom trim:

3. Zig zag stitch letter onto pom pom trim then glue onto tote:

1. Fabric flowers: cut 2" strips of fabric, fold raw edges in and glue, begin twisting and rolling the fabric in on itself:

2. Make multiple flowers in different sizes:

3. Use white muslin for the backing, lay out flowers and hot glue to muslin:

4. Trim excess muslin:

5. Use latching pins to attach to tote or hot glue right onto tote:

1. Ruffle trim: Cut bias strip fabric at 1.5"w x 2x circumference of tote.
Run large zig zag stitch just off center of strip and pull one thread to gather.
Cut grosgrain ribbon length of circumference:

2. Pin ruffled strip to ribbon then straight stitch:

3. Hot glue onto tote:

A fun, easy, cute tote bag for anytime.

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  1. Very cute! Another great idea for these is to use them instead of a gift bag. Not my idea...someone gave Pip a gift that way once--but not as cute as your versions!