Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Ruffle Trimmed Bedskirt

diy ruffle trimmed gathered bedskirt

How to sew a ruffle trim on a gathered bedskirt.  Today I will share how I made this gathered bedskirt from white cotton sheets and added pink gingham cotton fabric ruffle:

diy ruffle trimmed gathered bedskirt

This bedskirt has a 20" drop:

diy ruffle trim detail on bedskirt

But the real purpose of this bedskirt is to hide the bed risers and storage bins:

bedskirt hides storage and bed risers

Space is at a premium in this room, we already had these storage bins from here and reused them here:

storage bins under bed

But you can't see them behind this fun girly ruffled bedskirt:

diy gathered bedskirt with ruffle trim

The touch of pink around the bottom edge compliments the painted monogram on the headboard.

diy gathered bedskirt with ruffle trim

And I added the matching nightstand:

diy mod nightstand

Here's how I made the bedskirt:

1. Tear up 2 twin size flat white sheets into thirds the long way.
(For a 20" drop be sure each third is at least 22" wide.)

2. Seam short ends together to make one long, long 22" wide strip.
Hem the raw edges using a rolled hem:

rolled hem on raw edge

3. Cut gingham fabric strips on the bias at 1 1/4" wide.
You need lots and lots of length, triple the amount you see in this pic:

bias cut strips pink gingham fabric

4. Sew gingham onto bottom edge of bedskirt, 4" from hem edge.
Ruffle the gingham as you go:

adding ruffle to bedskirt

5. Double check width of entire white strip,
for a 20" drop I needed 20 1/2" to allow for seam allowance when attaching to the main bedskirt piece:

adding ruffle to bedskirt

6. Attach to existing bedskirt main piece.
Pin in place by marking halfway points then ruffle as you go:

bedskirt installed on bed

Now we can hide that storage space:

girls bedroom before picture

girls bedroom after picture

Definitely worth every minute of ruffling spent on that sewing machine!


  1. I need to get a ruffler for my old machine! Adorable bedskirt that is the perfect accessory to the sweet bed.

  2. That is darling with the little ruffle! Your tutorials are always so good, too. I was JUST thinking of ordering risers for my twins' beds for the very same reason. Need the storage! Thanks for sharing with air your laundry friday. xo Jami

  3. I love a ruffled bedskirt. Easy tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this! I've been wanting a ruffler! I tried using my rolled hem foot and wanted to hurl it, lol! Couldn't get it to start rolling. I'm going to check out the link you mentioned though.

  5. I need a 20 inch bed skirt! I have storage bins under a bed in my house too