Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Doll High Chair

Build: doll high chair

I used Ana White's plans to build this doll high chair complete with movable tray:

Here's my 6 year old girl #2 operating the tray:

I made this doll high chair for my niece Lily's 2nd birthday:

 Inspired by the the Crafting Chicks modified version of Ana's plans:
I added a curved tray on a hinge.

On the right is the hinge and on the left is a piece of felt which 1) softens the 'slam' of the tray and 2) provides thickness same as the hinge to level out the tray:

Here's how I made the doll high chair:

1. Cut wood using Ana White's plans here:

2. Assemble.
I used pocket holes throughout and a spare 1x2 as a spacer:

3. Assembled and wood putty.
The tray is a 10 1/2" w piece of 3/4" birch plywood scrap shaped with a jigsaw:

4. Prime and paint the tray two coats Behr Swiss Coffee.
Draw decorative swirls with pencil:

5. Paint swirls with Americana peony pink:

6. Seal tray with Minwax clear semi-gloss poly spray:

7. Prime and paint high chair two coats Behr frosted lemon:

8. Sand to distress.
Seal high chair with Minwax clear satin poly:

9. Attach hinge and felt.


  1. Love this design. Great job! Thanks for linking up to our Pretty Things party. Hope to see you back next week!

  2. That's adorable! Your niece is so lucky. :)