Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Front Door Makeover

A front door makeover using paint.

front door makeover

orange front door with wood planter

Yes it's orange.

I freshened up the front door with Glidden pumpkin patch, appropriately named for the upcoming season.

red front door beforeorange front door after

We moved in with the red door over 7 years ago and while I don't mind the red, it's classic and does go well with the lovely blue vinyl siding, I wanted to make it my own.

I refinished not only the door but the hardware too, it's oil-rubbed bronze now:

brass door hardware beforeoil rubbed bronze hardware after

And the exterior wall sconce:

exterior scone beforeexterior sconce after

I did remove the mailbox for now until I figure out a solution for a new one.

And I believe this front door could look so much better with TWO sconces a bit larger on either side, but that would require an electrician.  I can change a fixture but I can't run new wire so until we change the siding we make the best of it.

cape style front door beforecape style front door after

It's fun, bright and different, I'm pretty sure not one of our neighbors has an orange door.

The challenge will be how to decorate through the seasons with orange as my backdrop?!

Here's how I refinished the front door:

1. Sand old paint and hardware, prep hardware for spray:

how to refinish your front door

2. Spray oil rubbed bronze finish then clear gloss acrylic to prevent from chipping:
(*You could also do the hardware after you repaint.)

spray painting brass hardware

brass hardware beforeoil rubbed bronze hardware after

3. Prime and paint 3 coats Glidden pumpkin patch exterior semi-gloss.

Glidden pumpkin patch paint

bright orange front door


  1. it looks amazing!!! love it with the gray- it's the perfect orange!

  2. Love it! I have an orange kitchen so you should be ok all year long. ;)

  3. Oh I love that color of paint and it looks perfect on your front door!

  4. Love the new color, because my front door is orange too! And the light fixture is fabulous.

  5. I love that color choice! It looks great with the ORB and the siding color. Orange and blue go well together. Maybe your Christmas wreath can incorporate some blues too.

  6. I love it!! I think you will have so much fun coming up with how to decorate year round with that color!

  7. I have a red door too and have been wanting to paint it...but can't decide a color. LOVE the orange you chose!

  8. Love it! Red and orange are both of my favorite colors! Although, I do favor orange more! Great job! Perfect for Fall! Have a great week! :)

  9. I love your front door and the fixtures! How did you keep paint out of the keyholes? I am so so tempted but I am afraid that I will end up not being able to use the key to unlock my door?

  10. I think it was bold of you to use orange paint for the front door. But the risk is definitely worth it, seeing how great your front door turned out! The tangerine paint makes your door pop, and the new lighting fixture added a vintage charm to your front door. I’m sure passersby can’t help but give your door an admiring glance.

    -Leif Clancy

  11. I love the bold, rich color!! It looks fantastic on your front door along with the oil rubbed bronze door knob! Found you via chic on a shoetring linky party. I'm now following you GFC :)

    -Fotini { }

  12. The orange really pops with that blue siding! Love how much more rich and lively it looks.

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original Linky party is open!

  13. I'm loving your "new" front door! The color changes that you made give it such a fun Fall look! I saw your post over at Pretty Things Thursday.

  14. I love this! I'm beside you at Sand & Sisal so I came over to check out your door. I'm obsessed with front doors. :o) It was a gutsy, unique choice to choose this pumpkin color. Well done! Don't worry about the different seasons. You can tie in your blue/gray siding...I love blue and orange together. I think updating the hardware was huge too. Have a great weekend!

  15. way to get rid of the red! I love the new light fixture. very classy

  16. Hello - had to stop and say that I love the pumpkin colored door! It's a nice touch! I think you have a cool last name - I share the same last 5 letters in my last name as well. Cool :)

  17. Now this makes a statement...and a beautiful one!!! I love it! :)

  18. Love the orange make over! Great color!

  19. i am so glad that I saw this. My daughter wants to paint her front door orange too! It looks really good!

  20. Love your bright orange door! Bold choice but it's wonderful!

  21. LOVE the color you chose. Great job! Thanks for linking up to our Pretty Things Party. Hope to see you back next week!

  22. Love the color!! You did a fantastic job with this makeover! You created some awesome curb appeal! :)

  23. Love the door Jaime! It is nice timing but I'd love an orange door all year! Mine is purple.

  24. Pretty porch redo!The wreath is fab!

  25. I believe I have found my new fall door color! Looks great. I was thinking I would leave my spring color that I am still in love with, but this looks so good that I may have to change. Thanks for sharing the color.

  26. The door’s definitely ready for Trick and Treatin’! The orange paint is really better than the red one. It complements the sidings of your house perfectly. I think it’s a good decision to remove the mailbox. When I look at the pictures from before, I get the impression that the front door is too crowded. The new front door is a lot simpler, which is easier on the eyes.

    Nancy Ferdinand

  27. That being the main focal point of your space, I’m sure you’ll attract a lot of good vibes. And surprisingly, it complements the blue siding quite nicely. It has that very summer-y feel. :D One of the most important parts in painting doors is cleaning it before doing anything else. It would allow you to coat with the paint evenly. It looks like you’ve done that properly. Nice!

    Sandra ^.^

  28. Wow, I don’t even know where to start! That pumpkin color really enhanced the blue vinyl siding. You also did a masterful work, which was evident by the evenness of the paint. You know at first, I thought you did this in time for the Halloween, but this still works in any time of the year. ^_^

    Katie Nicoll

  29. “F” for fabulous! Wow! I love the look of your new door! The red one looks good, but it looks best in orange! Anyway, you did the repainting yourself? Good job! It looks like it was done by a professional.

    -Maricela Milum

  30. Lovely work! I have been wanting to update our door color for some time now. I think I will do it around the holidays.

    1. Thanks Hilary. Amazing what a coat of paint can do and so fun to change it up in time for the holidays. Good luck!